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I long for freedom, and when I get it, I don't know what I'm going to do with it, but I will surely be happy.

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Monday, February 28, 2011

It's time...I feel it slipping away from my hands,I can feel it bleeding out of me,of my wounds and my silent moments..and I'm tired of losing life to this tremendous nothing...I feel like these moments should have lived longer,I feel  like I'm losing them too...the details are escaping my head,the smells,sounds and scenes are fading away...and I am struggling to keep them inside but they keep rising to the sky...they are dying,and I can't bare it,and life is slipping away,and I'm all alone...and you won't understand
You just won't understand.


Whisper said...

7abebtiiiiiiiiiii :(
Inshallah to pass this phase quickly....6awalat ka2enno :(

Hana said...

i can tell u i understand & i feel 4 u :( .. but it'll be ok soon.. be sure of that.. relax and maybe stop thinking about what u can do coz some things we should just wait to see what will happen and can't do anything.. so don't struggle to keep anything what meant to be will always find away :)

Doomish said...

Rain, seriously you should do something about your situation
Go out, movies, walks, whatever it takes

I hope this semester passes by quickly
We need rainzo back

LioneSS said...

Ma6ooora 3asoooleh :)
I hate to read such post to you, I wish only to read happy and full of life posts as you used to write :)
Wish you all the best and happiness in your life, and i'll pray allay to make all your days as you wish to be
cheer up 3asooleh :hug:

naysan said...

as all of this started in a moment ,it will end in a moment as well.
have faith,before you know it, you will have it all back again.in saha' allah,,,
hang on sweetie,it will pass.

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

و بعديييييييييييييييييييييين!!!

Rain said...

Allah b3een,thank you for the support <3 :*

Hana said...
I know elly allah bedo yah 7aiseer,you are right,and I am waiting...:) thnx amar

sadde2 I can't remember the last time I went out!
msh 7iah zawjeiieh sa77?
5ls I'm back on track...promise,thnx Dotty *bdoon dareb!*

sa77 ana kman I miss the happy me:(
thnx for the sweet words,you're a sweetheart mwah :*

I know,5ls w3d sharaf I will stop whining T_T
thanks Naisaneh,you're the best :*

wala ablain
bkrhk v_v

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

له له ...
كره إز أَ باورفل وورد

Rain said...

I know sa77? :D