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I long for freedom, and when I get it, I don't know what I'm going to do with it, but I will surely be happy.

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Monday, February 7, 2011


Dr. N said...

Very reflective. Thanks for sharing.
Hope all is well with you, dear!!

Rain said...

Nellyyyyyyyyyyyy..wainek ya she5a!
You still haven't told me how you made it snow in your blog :(

LioneSS said...

Nice Pictures :)
As usual the Egyptians people always find a way to draw a smile on their faces and others :)

Dr. N said...

I am stuck at home between having my hubby around and being snowed in for 4 days+weekend -__-
I have the instructions for snow in my FB inbox. I will get it to you first thing tomorrow morning.
You are such an active blogger, mashallah. Not like lazy me ;P
Keep up!!

orangee said...

hahahhaaaaaaaaaaa kteeer kteeer 7elween :D

Rain said...

and that's why they rock :D

yai snow!*_* neiialek :(
and blog snow...a3teeenyyyyyyy *obsessed about snow* lol
wallahy ya Nilly sheklo not anymore,bs thnx lovely :*

Welcome,glad u liked them ;)

Chung-Chieh Liu said...

Very nice pictures.

I can even see Chinese Words "We don't want you" in the 19th picture. Wow...I have to say this man has very good Chinese hand writing (probably better than me :p ).

Thanks for sharing them. I also concern about the thing happen in Egypt. By the way, nice to meet you too. :) It's very late in my place, I have to sleep. Visit your blog next time.

Rain said...

Chung-Chieh Liu
It was actually a joke that he wrote it in Chinese...we have this joke among us Arabs which I don't think you'll understand but I'll try to explain it anyway lol
We tend to use the word Chinese for many sarcastic situations,like when Mubarak (the Egyptian president)did not seem to get that people didn't want him,they wrote the sign saying:here,would you like me to spell it out in Chinese,hence Chinese gives the connotation of something extremely hard,strange and different
Not that it's an insult but in the old times before the new continents were discovered China was the furthest thing we could thing of..and so the expression was invented!
hope you got it,nighty night friend ;)

Chung-Chieh Liu said...

Thank you very much for your explanation! I used to live with one Arab guy for a month. But he never told me this. So I learn a new thing tonight(GMT-08:00)---:)

By the way, Chung-Chieh is my first name. If you feel hard to remember it, my English name is Roger, which is eaiser to spell and type :) Do you know a popular pop singer in South Korea call Rain? Actually, I like your name. sounds good.

And I fix the comment's problem in my blog, you probably easy to notice that I am a blog tyro, which is unfamiliar with its setting :P

Good night again. Have a nice day!

Rain said...

Hehehe I'm glad I taught you something!
Thank you,Roger is much easier LOL,I was just copying and pasting your name every time I replied to you hehehe,and no I do not know that singer,and my name is not Rain that is just my nickname my real name is Sara :)
thank you for fixing the problem..and it is alright lol I used to know zero about blogging,but you get used to it :)Have a great day my friend! :D