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Wednesday, March 16, 2011
Such hypocrites aren't we?
We want people to accept us and treat us normally,we want them to trust us and never judge us...we want them to mix with us and never be afraid... while we are not welling to even respect them-let alone accept them- we say it's because of our religion but is it? why is our reaction towards sins different from one to another?I mean I'm not talking about how big or small the sin is,I'm talking about the principle in which we react to these sins...why do we accept or don't even notice that people lie everyday even though it is a sin,but we cannot tolerate with others like homosexuality?you know what?it's not about religion! if it had been about religion we would apply this stand we're taking to all other sins and forbidden things in Islam...we're not accepting it because simply we don't want to...because simply it's CULTURALLY and SOCIALLY unacceptable...you know... "3AIB"
and yes I'm gonna talk about this over and over again no matter how many people think I'm wrong
I am not going to act like I'm better than other people like I was always taught to do...and like almost all the people I know do
WE ARE EQUAL no matter what,you're a good person then you're my brother in humanity.
Peace and love.


Whisper said...

"you're a good person then you're my brother in humanity"

The difference between all of us is the way of defining "good" ....for me Islam is the perfect way to measure everything in our life, and this is what I'm depending on for defining good or bad people.

We have many responsibilities in life one of them is "الامر بالعروف و النهي عن المنكر" so we have to say it loud and clear in a polite way for sure when we see something not related to Islam in somebodies behavior or act.

Rain said...

When you see me wearing incomplete hijab would you disrespect me for it?no,because it has become something we accept generally although it's a sin and everyone knows it
But when it comes to homosexuals we're not welling to even respect them...yes our duty is to tell them this is wrong in our opinion,but once that mission is over we are not allowed to say they're not natural,we're not allowed to say they're freaks or any other of the million words there to disrespect them....because you would not like it if someone came and told me a bad person for not wearing complete hijab sa77? so why would we believe it is OK to say it to them?and btw..me not wearing hijab is a choice I made knowing it is wrong,while they on the other hand (1)don't know it's wrong...they don't see it the way we see it,but the problem is we're not welling to put ourselves in their shoes for once!we jump to our decisions based on what we know...based on our perspective
(2)Most of them did NOT choose to be this way,they did NOT take that choice whether they know it's a sin or not,would you wanna be a disrespected minority in a society that hates you and treats you like you're a freak?they don't want to be like this but it's not up to them...
and some of them are really sick and they deserve our sympathy and understanding and maybe help
but NO...all we think about is to prove to them how inhuman they are and how perfect and right we are,all we think about is to tell them they're sinning and we're not...so self righteous we act while we commit other sins we never talk about or even notice anymore

Doomish said...

its about moral superiority
Its gonna stay like this, and on other topics.

would you be comfortable if you are sitting and talking with a lesbian girl in uni? would you have your guards up as if you do when a guy sitting and talking to you?

if you are uncomfortable, then you have an issue with LGBT, though you rightly defend it.

segregation is common in every society, and unfortunately you cannot change that, its part of our human instincts. I have to be better than the others to be superior.
"this girl and i pray 5 times but look how she dresses, im sure her prayers are not accepted."

best solution is live and let live.
i advice you to not label LGBT issues under religion, its far away from that, though religions are against it. its really a matter of customs, traditions and set of norms.

religious people(Christians and Muslims) in the west have to live and interact with LGBT people, simply because they have to. while here, we usually don't know if this person is LGBT, and our culture though old, but still immature with regards to freedom of choice.

Live and let live.

Rain said...

i advice you to not label LGBT issues under religion, its far away from that, though religions are against it. its really a matter of customs, traditions and set of norms.

But that is what I'm saying 0_O

Doomish said...

My bad.
I feel not so bright at the moment.

Rain said...

It's OK maybe I didn't make my point clear :)