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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Yesterday I was sitting in the class and I overheard some girls talking about yearbook pictures,and that the deadline for taking them is the 15th of this month! I was shocked,isn't it too soon?I don't know I guess I never imagined I'd really get my yearbook picture and hand it out that simply...I'm taking it next week en sha Allah,and even though this semester is being the worst in my entire academic life I'm going to get it,and I am going to put on a big shiny smile...if I'm doing this then I'm doing it right,and I'll have fun while at it.
I apologize to myself,my blog and my readers for the whole gloomy twisty dark atmosphere I've been all about these last couple of weeks,it's just that I'm going through a very difficult time right now and I have absolutely no one...even the people whom I thought will be there no matter what have bailed on me,but I'm strong en sha Allah,and I will try to be stronger and pull myself together...this is really my last semester,this is where I prove I made it to the finish line
So no more drama,no more frustration,I promise
Wish me luck :)


Dr. N said...

Best of the Best luck for you 7abibti. You've made it :)
Enjoy the accomplishment. You will remember this for the rest of your life, believe me!! Try to make the best out of it so everytime you look back you will have a smile on your face, nchallah.
Alf mabrook in advance. xoxo

Whisper said...

Good luck ya 7elweh :D
Congratulations in advance and I'm sure it's going to be a very beautiful picture insha'alla :)

White Freedom said...

my friend we all do this some time at the end of every thing
i hope your smile will be the best and the happiest smile in the yearbook picture :)

don't worry and enjoy your moment :)

naysan said...

good luck with the photo,take care.
waiting for you.

Saleh said...

Good luck with your photo. Wish you all the best.

w7l said...

i hate yearbook pictures!! why should i wear the robe and put a tie and big idiot smile!!? i dont wanna to! i want to wear my pjs ! and take the photo as soon as i wake up !

btw. good luck, its only a couple of month !

EvaLuna said...

Sha6ra o 7ilwe o ammora

كعكي said...

يا ويلي
لما اتخرجت روحت على الحلاق و قعد سنة و هو بسحبلي شعراتي عشان اطلع كعكي حلو

مبروك رين
وعقبال الماجستير و الدكتوراه
felicitaciones por la graduación de la universidad
ازا صح انا كتبتها
ازا غلط يلعن جوجل و يومو

Chung-Chieh Liu said...

I hope you have a nice yearbook picture :)

I used to take three times of yearbook picture. Jounior college, university, and graduate school. Actually, it only takes me five years to have them. But still, they were all beautiful memories for me, even though every picture of me has same expression :P

Ze2red said...

I want to see that photo when it's taken, momken?

Rain said...

Everyone thank you so much for the support and lovely words,w allah ybarek feekom ya rb.

Doc. lol,well I wanna be a shagfeh in the pic so that I'd not frown every time I look at it!
Ka3ke you actually got it right lol,thanks!
Susu sure,enshallah once taken it'll be posted ;D

Rana Al Sha'bani said...

Masha' Allah:) Enjoy taking your graduation picture and try to go with friends or family :) Best lcuk :)

Rain said...

thnx alot Rana kollek zo2 <3