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Friday, March 25, 2011
I'll only add to Ammar's post that the man who passed away of a "stroke" was beaten the hell up by policemen,but then again... yeah it was a stroke!

So the police released an official statement about what happened today at Dowar al Dakhliyeh.
They said that 58 policeman were injured – did not say by whom- and that 62 civilians were injured.
After spending hours sitting in front of the monitor getting updates from friends in Amman and from JSC and Al Arabiyeh… and seeing the manner in which the police treated the reporters and threatening to smash their equipments. One can say that none of the policemen were injured by the #Mar24 ppl. They did not carry any weapons. A friend of mine said he saw #Mar24 ppl preventing some of their groups from fighting back because they are a peaceful group.
I still cannot believe that those thugs who say they are loyalist and pro-monarchs did all this without even knowing what #mar24 want. No one is saying the monarchy should be toppled. Mar24 want reform political, social and economical. They want a better life for the average Jordanian. They want a proper effective fight against corruption, and the presence of a constitutional monarchy.
Those loyalists are so brain-washed and blind to the truth… they even called the #Mar24 crowd yahood (Jews) and Balajkeh (Belgians, a slang meaning they are Palestinians not Jordanians)
Jordan needs reform, needs a better constitution, more freedom and better life. Jordanians 3ayzeen yitnafiso 7oriya.