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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

When I was born my parents had had enough of "new babies excitement"...I was the fifth baby in 6 years lol
Anyway,naturally they hadn't chosen a name for me until I was actually born and they had to give a name,so my dad chose Sara,but his parents (my grandparents) said Bushra is better,so he named me Bushra,and when my mom woke up and found out about the mseebeh(no offence to all Bushra's here) she made him go change it and she told him to name me Nour,even though her dad(my grandfather) recommended the name Rabee3a..you know becaue I was born in the spring(al rabee3)....(-_-')
By the time my dad was there to change the name he had completely forgotten what name my mom chose..so he was like "he mtawleh el sha'3leh??" and he went back to the name he chose in the first place...Sara :)
Weirdest name story ever ha?
Moral of the story: Don't name your daughters Rabee3a.

Have a good day 


Saleh said...

And you made the story even longer by naming yourself here as "Rain"... lol :-)

There is an easy solution that makes everybody happy! To call you: "Sara Bushra Nour Rabee3a Rain" and for short "Rabee3a". ;-)

I have been told (and most probably you know it) that the Spanish people give their children compound names that sometime consist of more than 10 names. Of course they are using one of those names for daily life but the full name is needed for any official business (a kind of security to their identity). To complicate things more, they also use the surnames of both father and mother.

Rain said...

msa el 5air Saleh
LOOOOL 5ls call me Rabee3a,my new nickname...way better than Rain sa77?XD

Hello my name is Jose Luis Martinez Rodriguez!(true story)
and no it does not provide any security because noss el balad use the same sequence of names saddeq aw la tosaddeq,y3ny the sequences are fixed too zay k2enhom beejo block wa7d...package w7deh
Weird people weeeeeeeird

Whisper said...

For me baba was preparing my name and my elder brother's name , years before he get married :)
he named after an American actress name :D baba faye3 lool

But u remind me with my mama....from Dananeer...to Mas3odeh...to Salwa :) thanks God

Rain said...

Your name is Salwa??? kteer 7ilo!3shat el asamy :D

Whisper said...

No ...mammety Salwa :)
allah y7ally 2ayamek ya rab :)

LioneSS said...

Name "Sara" is my love :D

mam choose my name, it is her first neighborhood daughter's name:) she couldn't name my sister (first baby) because my dad was already chosen the name for her, so she kept my name in her mind for another 11 years unti my arrival :D

Doomish said...

I love compound names,
My friend got her first born in january, named her Lia Rosa, her husband is Italian

observationofalostsoul said...

Malo ism rabee3a sit Sara... laykoon mish 3ajbik :D My mom wanted to call me 3on, then badr Thank God she did not . Ammar a7la :P though i hated that rhyme kan 3indi 7mar ismo Ammar loool

w7l said...

To make long story short ...I'm not sure how my parent named me !!!

U should thank god he named u Sarah ! - no offense to the other names !

ODIN said...

why people always makes a big deal of Girls names, it is always easier with boys, correct me if i'm wrong, but this is the idea i have about naming, i notice 2many strange girls manes, way more than boys.

Rain said...

Wow she must have really loved your name! :D

I love compound names,
I love them too,and that's a very nice name :)

la bejannen,hay Saleh qarrar ynadeeny rabee3a kman(-_-')
I like "Ammar" waaaaaaaaaaay better than "3oon"!

ma ho noss el watan el 3rby ismhom 3a esmak enta el tany LOL...y3ny ma azon ahlak e7taro kteer!
w ah sa77? hehehehe :D

ya ahlan ya ahlan,nawart/y
wallahy I don't know about others but in my family we make a big deal out of everything LOL

كعكي said...

ana ba7eb only one name
the sound of my name is simply wow :)

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

fakkartik raino!

*يعني شو بدي أحكي! هو صالح خلا حكي لحدا*


Rain said...

msh tbee3y sho wow(-_-')

LOL,lesh sammait Hiyam Hiyam s7ee7??

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

I picked 3 names for my 3 daughters :) at the age of 19! Wallahy! :) "no, not gonna reveal the other 2!" .. yet :P
Hiyam was name #2!

me and alaa2 agreed that she names the boys :hate`m: and me the girls :)

Ze2red said...

Lol, this is a funny story. my parents named me because it was easy, popular and served as an Arab and foreign name because they lived in the states back at the time.

Haneyalek ya 2amar, definitely better than "Rabe3ah"

Rain said...

LOOOL anything is better than Rabee3a!