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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

As I was watching the Toy Story series-one of my favorite movies ever- I tried very hard to remember what my toys were like as I was little,it is true that I still have toys,but those you have when you are first discovering your imagination and capability of creating a world of your own while playing are way different..
In my early years as a child,a vague image comes to my head of small Micky Mouse and Mini Mouse toys,a big clown stuffed doll that I was kinda scared of,and an ugly stuffed Tweety,I think there was a baby doll but I'm not sure..
A little after,I can clearly remember huge amounts of Barbie dolls,the ones I remember the most were journalist Barbie,that had a camera,a note book and a mike with her,and the cook Barbie,that had a complete kitchen sit,including some eatable stuff like muffins or something..
I really had the best times of my childhood playing with these toys,I remember truly believing what I had made up...I remember even worrying about my dolls and toys and checking on them!
But the truth is...I treated these poor things like hell...I had this thing with toys and opening them up...performing surgeries,giving real bad hair cuts(that include cutting their brains out)..I used to tear up my Barbie's outfits because I wanted to make new prettier ones..I don't know what made me believe I really could...I guess that is the beauty of being a child,you KNOW in your heart that you can do anything you want and no one could ever convince you otherwise!
I played with toys until a relatively old age..12 or 13 years,and it was really hard to give it up,being in my perfect separate world meant so much to me being a very lonely child at school,and hating studying so very much..it was my only escape.

Anyway,while watching that amazing movie it was nice to remember that era of my life,and really funny because I used to come up with strangest stories and perform them with my toys...
Being a grown up is good,but sometimes you wish you could go back to all of that simplicity and pureness..that's it.



w7l said...

loooool@ hair cuts including brain surgery !!!!

being a child is great thing regarding ambitions and expectations, the child has unlimited expectations and never look at the consequences of the actions , so he achieve 100% of what he want and believe in the outcome regardless of how crappy they are !so he can believe in whatever he want and do whatever he like! but our stupid frontal brain lobe start to developed making us think more about consequences and about not doing this and that and have role in shyness too ! so all that just minimize our high expectations and make us hesitate even more !
:stupid glasses wearing geeky Smiley:

Rain said...

looooool t7sheesh enta!
sho ra2iak a3mellak surgery and cut your frontal brain lobe mshan tseer shoja3? *sharr + ebtesameh safra2*

M7md Ghazi said...

I loved all the parts of that movie <3
keep it up :) nice blog ~

Rain said...

ahlain ahlain nawart m7md,make yourself at home ;)