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Friday, March 4, 2011
Once we were talking about some prefixes in the class and we got to the prefix "Homo-"
My professor was this super smart,pretty energetic Spanish girl,she was such a great teacher and I was sorry I only took one class with her.
Anyway so we got to the prefix Homo- and we started mentioning words containing it,naturally the first thing that occurred to everyone was homosexual -which is the same in Spanish-. So she asked "What is the antonym for homosexual?and no one answered,she glanced at me since I'm usually ahead with vocab's but I didn't know,so I just said "The opposite of homosexual is.....normal?" and the whole class cracked up,she just smiled and threw me with a meaningful look,and then later I thought,what if she had been homosexual?oh my god!I would never have wanted to hurt her feelings,and I really don't care what her sexual tendency is,she was my teacher and I respected her anyway!
And wait a minute,who am I to decide that homosexuals are not normal?I'm not a psychologist and I definitely don't know what it feels to be homosexual,what is it that makes me normal anyway?I have all sorts of issues and no one accuses me of being the opposite of normal!
That was really a terrible thing to say,I might not understand homosexuality,and I might not be able to grasp the idea of two people of the same gender together completely but that doesn't mean I could decide whether it was normal or not...if there were someone who could decide that it definitely would NOT be me!
So I here declare that from now on I shall respect those who are different even if I do not understand them,and that includes homosexuality,and this post shall be a reminder.
Good night.

PS: the antonym of homosexual is heterosexual,and yes it is also the same is Spanish.


w7l said...

homo- and hetero- both well known words in medicine!!

anyway, how is homosexuality is normal!!? no one can argue with that! i am not that open minded to start thinking and arguing about stuff that is well known as "مسلمات"

if i think about this in your way ,i may start thinking as your way of being different is not abnormal , and this may apply anytime but not here! but wait a minute! we are Muslims , right!?

EvaLuna said...

In an episode of ugly betty , Marc - the gay guy from Modemagazine- tells his mother the truth about his sexual tendency ,,, its a scene you should watch , its really strong and got me thinking.

It has surprised me that my gay friends are ''buena gente'' .. they are nice people, and the fact that we dont accept their sexual encounter does not forbid that we give them the slightest chance ...

it is not that I want gay families in Jordan adopting children from SOS villages , but I think we should think that we might not be totally right abu we think of them.

ps: its really weird that you posted this , and I commented this!!!

Rain said...

well known to meen as mosallamat,aw enta bte7ky b sefat koll el nas y3ny?you can't really do that
and yes I am a Muslim this is why-with all due respect- I don't take God's place and judge people,howe a3lam w ar7am feehom and I leave it for him to decide
Also I didn't say it was OK by me or by anyone else doc. I just said that I don't care,and I don't mind if a friend of mine was homosexual,it is not up to me to decide if he's normal or not,and I will never ever hurt or treat someone badly because of it

Rain said...

That's exactly what I was trying to say,it's not like I'm defending their rights or something,but I don't really see the point of treating them like they were less than humans!
why did you think this is weird-I was surprised by your comment btw-could it be that we're growing in the same direction even though each one is on a different continent
t3y 3al skype :(

Dr. N said...

I don't see you guilty here, Sara.
Homo-sexuality is against normal. I say that LOUD. It's against nature. The sexual relationship is meant to produce mankind. What is this relationship is suppose to produce?!?!
It’ll produce abnormal and twisted generations that will result in sick and odd societies. I disrespect homo-sexual people with passion.
Thanks for the topic that is really worth reflecting on.
P.S. I like all your new Chinese decorations. That little bell that you have added freaked me out. I am in my office right now and I keep hearing something ringing…I checked everywhere and then it dawned to me that it is the source of that ringing sound…lol

Saleh said...

The definition of "Normal (adj.)" according to various sources:
1. Cambridge Dictionary Online:
"ordinary or usual; the same as would be expected"

2. Merriam-Webster has several definitions.
I picked few:
- "not deviating from a norm"
- "conforming to a standard, or regular pattern"
- "occurring naturally"
3. Webster's Online Dict. has several def.'s as well.
I picked few:
- "Being approximately average ..."
- "Standard; original; exact; typical"
4. American Heritage Dictionary:
- "Conforming with, adhering to, or constituting
a norm, standard, pattern, level, or type"
- "typical"

So you were right to a large extent. The norm is the heterosexuality. So conforming with the norm should be normal. By the way, the English speakers usually use "straight" instead of "heterosexual". Hmmm... does this mean they should be careful as some of its antonyms can be "corrupt", "dishonest"?

Saleh said...

سامحيني إن قلبت إلى العربية: لا أظن أن استخدام مفردة ما للدلالة على صفة معينة لمجموعة ما تنتقص ممن لا ينتمون إلى هذه المجموعة، و لو كان هذا صحيحاً لجرمنا كل من ينادي، مثلاً، بأن قومه نبلاء فهل هذا يعني أن كل من سواهم ليسوا كذلك؟

بالنسبة للموضوع الأصلي، يبقى هؤلاء أقلية حتى في المجتمعات التي تعطيهم كامل الحرية، أي أنهم لا يُشكلون النمط العام، فلا ضير إن استخدمت مفردة "عادي" كما فعلت، للدلالة على من سواهم.

و يمكن القول بأنى كشخص يحكمني دين معين لا بد أن استخدم ما ورد في ديني و إن لم يعجب الغير، طبعاً أنا لست من يحكم في هؤلاء أو يحاسبهم و لا يهمني ما يفعلونه طالما لم تتم الإساءة المباشرة لي و لمعتقدي، لهم دينهم و لي ديني

Wafa' said...


remember when we had that long argument- if i can called that- about homosexuality !!. well, what can i say but how much i love this post and thank you for being brave enough to talk about such taboo :)

P.S: I just saw a French movie called " Of Gods and Men" "Des hommes et des dieux" , 2 hours of deep thinking. if you love quiet movies, good dialogue and beautiful drama, then download it, you are going to like it :)

Whisper said...

This goes under the open-minded category and I said it before and I'll repeat now....I'm a very closed-minded specially about this subject :S

Ahmad Hamdan said...

I am with whisper in this, am very close minded when it comes to this, religion strictly forbids it and for many it punishable by death, that enough for me to not have any encouragement of it. I consider my self open minded in stuff but when things goes beyond the normal way i am not, and yes i consider the man-woman relationship is the normal and whatever else is not, yeah god knows better but he his rules are already known :)

Doomish said...

Normal is a relative thing
In San Francisco, being gay is normal.
In india worshipping a cow is normal.
In certain parts in Jordan... A woman not veiled is abnormal.
In other parts in Jordan mini skirts and bikinis are normal.
In Oman, bisexuality for males is normal.

With respect to w7l and his comment and others, religious texts have no jurisdiction over the set of norms that change over time and geographic location.

If Rain stayed down and in a bad mood for a couple of months to come, we would considered rain posts as being normal, And cheerful ones to be abnormal.

To be honest, I met a lot of homosexuals, and truth be told, they are kind and more sensitive than heterosexuals, though me knowing that they are different made me abit awkward and more reserved in my words.

And as Saleh said... To each his own.

Rana Al Sha'bani said...

رينو: إنت تحدثت بفطرتك الإنسانية وهذا هو الشيء الطبيعي.
homosexual is opposite normal :)
So get easy on yourself:)

naysan said...

homo sexuality is NOT NORMAL ,,,and using this word does not make you guilty with disrespect, nor makes homosexuals non-human.
it is a NON NORMAL situation.

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

طيب وين صورتها

لا مركز أوي حضرتي


ما ظل حكي بعد حكي نيسان

ΣcoŞan said...

ok, lets be frank here,

the "ordinary" tendency of a human being in any community is the "heterosexuality", i.e. the love of the opposite gender ..

like for example, its "ordinary" when you meet a new Arabian to assume that he/she is Muslim, yet we have in the Arab world, lots of Jewish, and christian ..

yet its not our job to judge those who are different from us,
simply, its their choice to make, not ours
and frankly, most of them don't expect us to care,

i just want to say in this comment is one thing,
i don't judge people, simply don't ..
and believe me, it a lot easier to stop judging and trying to look more thoroughly into ones life..

thank you rain for the great bravery ..
we really do need such open-minds ..

PS: all the respect to Christians, Jewish, closed-minded people, and homosexuals ..
its your choice and i don't care what choice you made .. you are after all, living and breathing human beings who have the right to choose ..


Rain said...

Again I'm not defending homosexuals,I said I do not understand it or see the point of it,my whole point from this post is to decide not to disrespect them even if I do not understand them,and I did disrespect them because I meant it as an insult
Frankly I don't care what anyone thinks about me or them,I don't have a problem with them and that is that.

These are actually Japanese decorations,and yeah when I first saw the bell on another blog I freaked out lol,fakart 7ali enjannait

Thank you for the definitions :)
First you neglected-or probably didn't realize- that I meant what I said as an insult,I said that word meaning that they are unnatural disorder in humanity,now regardless whether that was true or not I am not the one to decide it.
Second most of these definitions say that normal=expected,I think like Doomish said the expected is relative,so they could be abnormal here in Jordan but they would be completely normal elsewhere
I see the point you meant to reach by the example of "nobles" but the word I said was not to describe straight people as ordinary,it was meant to indicate that gay people are not natural
People say "straight" but they don't say it to indicate that gay people are twisted,it's become the term for heterosexuality and lost the connotation that only heterosexuals are natural and vice versa,at least that's what I think.

Rain said...

I'll watch it enshallah,thnx! :)

@Whisper and Ahmad
I'm sorry to say this but you can't really "choose" things you can be open minded in and other things you can't...with all due respect this is hypocrite,if you wanna say you're open minded to people you have to mean it and act on it on all levels,that is one.
Two I am not accepting nor encouraging homosexuality,like I said over and over again,I do not understand it,I am not trying to defend their rights and I do not wish they'd increase and become something normal in Jordan for example,I just decided to treat them with respect,they are humans and I don't care what their sexual tendency is,to me all what matters is to be a good person.
I apologize again if I disrespected you.

Rain said...

Exactly normal is relative,this is why I don't decide it.

@Rana Naisan and Haitham
First please read my previous replies,I said several times what my point of this post was and where I stand from homosexuality.
Second,suppose that I was right when I said they are not normal,suppose that homosexuality is a disease,a psychological disease...why should we treat people who have other diseases with respect but not those?why should we disrespect them?what good comes out of it?are all straight people good?
Most homosexuals are just forced to be this way...no one wants to be considered abnormal and weird,no one wants to be banned of communities and religions! I don't take god's place and decide if they are good enough to live or not,I treat people just like they treat me and other than that I don't care.

Rain said...

Thanks :)

كعكي said...

This makes me sad...
Males have females and can have males
Females have males and can have females

Ka3ke have no ka3keyeh or ka3ke
Ya3ne sheklo Ana men el no3 ele benqasem thateyan

Ya 7asra 3alek ya ka3ke

Rain said...


كعكي said...

Ya 7aramek men Allah :(
Tet5awate 3alay o 3a 7alte
O meen had Sheldon Cooper beik?

Ba7 sha6er rain
No ka3ek for you

Rain said...

sho a3mel iza 7altak t7sheesh?LOOOOL
e7dar Big Bang Theory,Sheldon Cooper betkathar bil enqesam zaiiak XD

sa77 hay Whisper w Um Omar 3m ye7ko 3n el k3ek ur favorite subject,roo7 shoofhom XD

كعكي said...

مش مسموحلي اتفرج الا على طيور الجنة و سبيس توونز

بلا وين عم بسولفووووو؟ في بلوج مين الكعك؟
بسرعة جاوبينى الله يخليكي

Rain said...


w hoon:


Whisper said...


It's a strong word didn't cross my mind at all :)

7bebti...I wrote before about the wrong definition of open-minded between some people around us,I'm open-minded in accepting ur "view" and not judging u according to ur point of view BUT I also have my rights in accepting such people or not and I don't, I'm closed-minded in accepting the wrong "act" from people specially when this act harm me in a way or another

Being open minded does not mean accepting everything ,we have some standards and measures in our life we should not cross

كعكي said...

Muchas gracias

Rain said...

I'm glad you took that with sportsmanship,I've been told I have an offending way of expressing my opinions :(

You were the one who said you're not open minded in this case in particular.Of course you have every right to accept or not accept something but when you say you're open minded in everything except this area that is wrong(in my opinion)
And second I did not say that I understood nor accepted them I only said I decided to respect them,which leaves you with no reason to express your opinion of them but you did anyway and stressed on the fact that you are closed minded in this issue in particular,that is all I'm saying.