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Wednesday, March 16, 2011
Remember last year's spring post?
This year it's also beautiful in our little garden,of course my ultimate favorite is almond trees...god they are astonishing!
When I was little there was a huge almond tree hanging outside my window in our old house,I used to stair at it for hours until my mom calls me for lunch,every time I look at almond trees I go back to being a little girl,it is overwhelming to witness such pureness,beauty and magic growing outside your window!


Whisper said...

Masha'Allah .....very nice
Almond trees means true spring for me WOW
I can spend hours looking at them too :D

Rain said...

Thnx Whisper :D ;)

Saleh said...

Lovely... It is this very time of the year when I feel like life is born again fresher and more beautiful.

Rain said...

Exactly...m3 eny bkrh el saif :(

w7l said...

Ahhhhhhh....I can swear I can smell them !

Rain said...

It does smell greeeeat 5soosy el masaweiiat
t3a eshrab fenjan ahwe ;)