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Friday, March 18, 2011
I've thought about making a list of the things I'll miss so that I'll remember to miss them! :P
Here we go

1-The main gate;I remember the first time I saw those weird looking domes at the main gate and I thought they looked like onions,the main gate is the first memory I ever made of JU

2-The Clock Tower;it's just there standing to welcome you...it's nothing special but what's special about it is that you know it'll always be there at the end of the road

3-The Faculty of Languages;my good old yellow faculty...old shaky and funny looking,I love it,I love the offices...I love the very few classes in it,I love its leaky ceilings and squeaky pipes...I love it and I think I'll miss it the most :(

4-Dr. Ramiz Street;it's the street stretching behind the faculty of languages,the faculty of arts all the way up till the northern gate,now this is one of the few places in the world that hold so many memories that I sometimes hate to pass through it because I'm too tired to feel nostalgia :( Toto and I named it this way because of a very special person we used to see there :D

5-The Northern Gate;including the faculty of educational studies,Seveen restaurant,Al-Aamereiiah library,that little cute gift shop we used to go to,the glass ceiling in front of Jma'a mall,the hot corn sold right at the corner,the educational consultant office I go to every semester to sign my papers,el soor el 3jeeb(ha Toto?:D)

6-The trees;the beautiful beautiful super old trees at JU...they squeak gently when there's wind,I love them and it kills me every time we hear that some of them was cut to build some new pointless thing..



Dr. N said...

I miss everything in the JU. Those were the best days of my life.

Dreamy Villager said...

"so that I'll remember to miss them!" this is the weirdest sentence I've ever heard ;D
I don't miss my uni because I work in it :/ but from time to time I find it not so bad.

Ahmad Hamdan said...

oh you reminded me of seveen, i used to ate there when i visit uni street, good old day :)

كعكي said...

انا افتقد حانة الحليب

alirbidi said...

أنا مرة وحدة كنت حولين الجامعة الأردنية ؛ بجنن و إلها نكهة خاصة
أنا نصيبي أجى ادرس بريت الاردن
بس الحياة الجامعية في الأردن لا يعلو عليها

Rain said...

enty 5reejet JU?:D ay koleiieh?

Dreamy Villager
Welcome to my blog nawart :)
hehehe ma ho the problem about me is that I tend to forget the details..so after a while I stop remembering the things I loved and I stop missing them..and I never wanna forget about these things even if it means it'll make me sad to miss them!
lol @ I find it not so bad XD
which uni?

even though it's not a part of JU but I don't think it'll be the same if I came back and ate there after graduating!

That one will be in my next post :)

wain enta btodros?

Dreamy Villager said...

جامعة العلوم والتكنولوجيا..بحس الاشي اللي بخلي الجامعة حلوة هي الشلة..وانا كانت شلتي فاشلة ولا يرضوا يعملوا مغامرات

Rain said...

LOOOL yalla a7sanlak min ino ma ykoon fi shelleh min aslo :(

Rain said...

Oops you're a girl...sorry :)

naysan said...

متاخر كتير هاد التعليق

بس تذكرت شغله هلا
لما كنت في الجامعه\ما كان لسه في برج للساعه
بدوا يبنوه ونحنا في سنه تانيه
وخلصوا ابصر بعد كم سنه....لما تخرجت كان البرج موجود بس بدون ساعه هههههههههه
للعلم فقط...

يا ربي...ليش تذكرتو هلا؟؟؟

Rain said...

واااال جد؟
خريجة أي سنة انتِ؟
*بدون ضرب*