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Monday, March 28, 2011

documentary depicts some of Basheer Mraish's life in Jordan,the son of Mamoun Mraish,a Palestinian hero and martyr who was assassinated in Athens in 1983 by Israeli Mossad.
When assassinated,Maumoon was holding his son in his arms and Basheer was shot too,for some time he was considered dead in the hospital ,and his picture was taken as a dead person, until someone noticed he had a heartbeat,and he was destined to live again...
But I think the movie went beyond that by Basheer's unspoken question,"what was I meant to be?"
Why did he also survive a car accident even though he was not wearing the seat belt,while his friend who wore it suffered terrible injuries.
and I think he answers the question when telling the story of his professor catching him drawing a sketch of him at the class,and instead of punishing him he tells him "Like father like son,if your father's weapon was a gun then yours is a pen"
So I think the message I received from this interesting movie is that we all have a role,we all have our way on the long road to liberty,we just have to find it

I feel very frustrated and sad of what I've seen the last couple of days,and watching the movie surprisingly gave me some consolation and maybe hope..
In spite of all the people blocking the idea of finding their way to liberty,and as little as it may seem,there will always be others who will unfold their wings and take off...
I only wish for the best now because there's no more to say

PS Mraish actually stopped by after we watched the movie,seemed like someone you can learn a whole lot from!
He publishes his cartoons here.


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