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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Have you ever felt so anxious for the day you'll wear your wedding dress? have you ever had butterflies in your stomach when seeing all of that white beauty even though you know you're not ready for such step!


SimSim said...

5 years ago i was helping my brother's fiancée trying some dresses and I saw this AMAZING dress OMG I felt exactly what ur saying ! but when u r ready and searching for the best one for u ! it's not just trying the dress of ur dreams ! it's the fear and the responsibilities and the sadness that u r leaving ur family all this comes with the dress ! I don't want to sound pessimistic or make u feel less excited to the most wonderful day in any girls life ! I just wish I tried that dress 5 years ago ! even if people would think u r jealous or anything ... but just trying that dress without all the responsibilities that come with it .... I guess it will be nice and breath taking .... even if u r not ready !

Rana Al Sha'bani said...

I really agree with SimSim's opinion. I loved searching for the white dress, and i enjoyed my wedding, but at the end of the wedding all your life is changed, you say goodbye to your family to start a new one with someone who is still new to you! I always encourage girls to enjoy their engagement parties to the max because it's a joy without any duties afterwards!

Rain said...

I completely agree with you girls,it's just that it is rather exciting and I do wish I'd choose and wear it one day,but definitely not yet! :)

sab7al5air said...

rain it is really exciting to check the dress know one day while my sister was looking for here weeding dress i fall in love with one dress the moment i steeped in the car i start talking that i found my dress all i need is mister right :D
it is a wonderful feeling i felt while m trying her dress after the wedding and lots of fun too

Rain said...

Ahlan feeky,lol the dress isn't that hard to find...the guy is! :D