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Wednesday, April 13, 2011
I'm a very very messy person,and incredibly careless when it comes to organizing my stuff,and that hasn't been a problem for me until I started losing my things in the mess I call my room,and my clothes burst out of my closet all over the floor,so I had to come up with some inventions to get it more organized and livable..I thought I'd share some :)
First,boxes...boxes are great to save space and get the things you need but don't use often packed and sorted,you can use any box,shoes boxes for example

This is not my invention of course lol,but it's a great one,my sister gave me this
To organize makeup and cosmetics I emptied and old makeup set box and used it

For accessories,little boxes and baskets are perfect
Voila! a neat tidy room :D


Saleh said...

Tidy room. Let's see what will happen in a couple of weeks time.


Hana said...

good 4 u :) but i'm like saleh wanna c it after 2 weeks :P

LioneSS said...

Great job Rain :D and nice room :D by the way it is somehow like my room in Amman ;D

Rain come and help me in my room here in UAE @_@ u don't want to see it these days during my preparation to travel @_@ big mess ya lahwi @_@

w7l said...

well i tried the box things for my tools, but i ended up with 6-7 boxes, so every time i need something i open all these boxes looking for it, and i end up with another mess!!

Rain said...

you're awfully optimistic! Try two days LOOOOOL

Same as I said to Saleh XD

thanks hehe
wallahy I'd love to help you,I tend to contemplate and have fun while doing housework

LOOOOOOOL 7ashashet 3laik
Well,as I said boxes are for the things you don't use quite often,for the things you use more try using drawers...and as I do keep a drawer for the things you use the most like chargers,pens,notebooks,money,glasses,headsets...etc
Just use boxes for CD's,DvD's and old papers..boxes are not practical to look into much
enshallah tozbot m3k :D

w7l said...

And what should I do if I use what inside the boxes too often !? Put them in drawers? Not an option, cuz I use the drawer stuff even more ! I think the solution is adding more drawers and boxes ! :)

Rain said...

You can also label the boxes according to things inside,you can write on the top what is inside and that way you will not have to empty all of them every time you need something

w7l said...

Oh right! Me will try this, me thank you

Rain said...

Me glad to help ;))

سراج الماضي said...

عمل رائع
النظام اساس النجاح والحياة
أفكار جميلة تستحق التجريب

Wafa' said...

Sarah , I don't know if you'll ever read this, but just wanted to give a little advice ( preaching) I recommend using brushes instead of those wedges/sponges, because they're not hygienic and spread bacteria like there's no tomorrow !plus , come on, brushes are faaaab lol

LOve the box , bedi menno :)

Rain said...

سراج الماضي
شكرا شكرا الله يسعدك
يلا انشالله يزبطوا معك

Why wouldn't I read it?0_O
azdek 3n hadool el brushes elly ben7at 3laihom oil?ma 3mry jarrabt.hom
bs ana aslan naderan ma asta3mel el sponges I usually use makeup wipes they're better I guess w andaf kman

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

tidy only 4 a while :Pp

Rain said...

3ad wallahy lisaha tidy la hl2 T_T

Wafa' said...

What ?
wait, what ? :D wak i meant the make up application sponges , in the second drawer :@
and what oil brushes ? what is this i don't even..
as in these

i don't know, i figured you might move on with your life in the next entry and not pay much attention to the previous ones, lol
nice blog layout susseh, i need to ask you something, buzz me on fb when you have time and energy to answer my questions :)

Rain said...

LOL ah bs keef bedek t7otty feehom foundation cream hadool mathalan 0_O
wella sun screen aw ay ishy tany??

I moderate my comments so I see all of them mosh zy ba3d el nas :sofera:

wallahy howe my schedule kteer busy elyoom bs 3shanek ra7 afaddy shwaiet w2t
es3ali v_v

Rana Al Sha'bani said...

ما في أحلى من الترتيب:) إحنا عنا مشكلة إنا بنتمسك بأغراضنا حتى لو كنا ما بنستخدمها إما لقيمتها المعنوية أو لأنه احتمال نحتاجها يوما ما!