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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Well since I have all of this free time in my hands these days since I've left the easiest classes for my last semester,and since I only go to school on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday...I decided I would occupy myself with something fun,so I asked my mom to teach me how to knit...lol,it was a disaster!

I've always loved knitting,sewing and that stuff but I've never done it right not even once,although I'm usually good with craft works and creative handmade objects,but this I just can't pull through! my mom was telling me what to do with those thingies today and I was completely lost,and she was like"how can you not do it right it's a piece of cake!!" and god did it bring back memories!
As I was knitting (or trying to) I remembered when my mom used to teach me maths at school,and I would never get it right although it seemed so easy when she did it,I remembered the huge frustration of the fact that I just can't do it!and my eyes would tear up because I hated failure and my mom would laugh at me lol.

I hate that memory and everything related to it,I mean it's not a big deal and I'll probably never have to learn maths again(thank god!) but the feeling of being completely helpless towards something really sucks
Today I got one step right at knitting,it's a start ha?!

Speaking of "helpless",have you ever done something useless,wrong,pointless and foolish knowing that it is all of these things but you did it anyway?
Humans are weird creatures! :)
Goodnight ♥ 


Saleh said...

There is a new law in town: Everybody should pass a maths exam, or else....

Come on... maths is fun!

Normally the learning curve for knitting starts with a small, but hopefully positive, first derivative. Later you will be able to increase the gradient. But at one stage you will reach a null second derivative and the first derivative starts to decrease. Finally you will reach an quasi-asymptotic state with a finite limit. So don't worry.

Devil's Mind said...

Well, sure you have to do foolish/useless/pointless stuff every once in a while, life would be boring without those. But as far as wrong goes, I wouldn't do something knowing it is wrong! There is no good reason to do something wrong; But of course this depends on how you define the word "wrong"...

It sure is fun to try new things: Good luck with knitting!

EvaLuna said...

اللي من جيلك صار معهم ولاد و انت بعدك بتعرفيش تحبكي صوف؟ -كيف الاحباطيشن؟- .. انا بعلمك ، مهو على قولة الشاعر : قلة الشغل بتعلم التطريز

naysan said...

knitting:(سيبك من ال
try cooking its much more fun....

fee so2al basee6: what is saleh talking about?!!!knitting!!!!

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

العالم بتتخرج و بتتعلم تطريز (و خلافه) لوووول

شرير أنا

مالها الرياضيات! بتجنن
"حرفيا ً بتجنن"


Rain said...

Careful now!you don't wanna end up on my black list :@
Oh I'm not worried...especially about the asymptoticy thingy..it's a piece of cake v_v

Devil's Mind
Well by wrong here I mean it doesn't add any good to anything or anyone but could at some cases cause harm but not the kind of harm that would be considered too wrong,it's slightly wrong but not as wrong as stealing y3ny wala as normal as sleeping
Gosh even I am lost 0_O

shaifeh ballah???0_O
5ls t3allamet wallahy turned out I'm good at it lol

I've tried cooking and achieved a number of successes w al 7amd le allah.

Oh don't you get what Saleh is talking about??it's easy,he's just saying that %^%$^(%#$)# and %$(&%#$^( omg! %^(%#%$@$@(!! tooootally $%#$^*$#^@!
so yeah !@)@$*(#!*%!(!!!@# :)

لسة ما تخرجت
بس اتخرج بدي ابيع عبسطة خضرة يلا عيش

And tell that to Saleh and my mom (-_-')

Rain said...


naysan said...

الله يسامحك
هاي عمله بتعمليها فيي وانا جوعانه؟!!!؟
بس شطووووره


شكرا لتوضيح نظرية صالح ...
الحمدلله فكرت انا لحالي ضاربه:)

Rain said...

hehehehe tb tfaddali ana 3azmeetek
looool la Saleh benkosh mo55 3m yed7ak 3lai l2eny adaby w nseet jadwal el darb T_T