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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Yeah I didn't get that one..
Through the whole movie I was like "What the...?!,where's...why...0_O"
It was such a long time of my life that went to waste to deliver a ridiculously simple idea,you will never be happy if you keep on seeking perfection and peoples approval in who you are and everything you do,in the search of the person you think you have to be you will lose and forget yourself,I think at the end when Nina stabbed herself it only meant that in order to transform into the person she has to be,something inside her was killed,and was it really worth it? nothing is worth losing yourself.
Also she's nuts.
4/10 is my rating,actually let it be 3 for the unnecessary disgusting scenes throughout the movie


w7l said...

Great thank you!! @_@ i was planning to watch yit 2morrow!!! Spoileeereeeeeeeeer!

Now i feel how the feeling of my friends when i used to spoil prison break for thrm! This feels bad!

Now u have to suggest another movie for me! Its ur fault!

Rain said...

tb wallahy I'm glad I saved you the time and effort to understand it,it's really bad! you should thank me w tjeebly k3ek 7atta v_v

Mmmm bedak movie,have you watched My Name Is Khan?I'm planing on watching it this weekend,sho ra2iak we'll exchange our thoughts
Also I'm watching a documentary called Ancient Aliens,you might like it
I watched a movie called Flipped...loved it
Also Harry Potter Deathly Hallows
iza ma 3ajabook just download The Big Bang Theory w e7dar it's PERFECT :D

مياسي said...

well this movie, either ppl love it kteer or hate it kteer,
actually i have it since 2-3 months, i watched few scenes and i can say yes, most ppl i met were disgusted abt the scene!

Bing Bang Theory is a series sa7? I love it :D

Wafa' said...

I guess مياسي was right, you wither love it or don't. And guess in which categories i fall !!. of course i loved it, i adored it :)
i remember watching it new year eve and it was worth its time to me.

waiting for your next review :)

Rain said...

ahlan Maiasy :D
Yeah tell me about it!and it wasn't even necessary,the movie was not even about her sexual tendency so why did they have to shove that in and put such scenes?0_O that's not the idea of the movie regardless that the idea itself is lame
Anyway yeah don't finish it..
And yeah I love it too...BAZING! LOOOOL

Rain said...

I would have never guessed :P
I'm glad one of us enjoyed it :D tb why don't you talk about it in a post,maybe I misunderstood it or something,because I keep looking at it from every angle and I'm just not gettin' it!:/

مياسي said...

well, i think the scene aims at telling that Natally and Milla is the same person or complete each other if u can understand!

Well i am gonna watch it for sure, bs lama aroo2, 2 judge it well :D

I am gonna ask a guy n work to give all the series episodes, he had them all :)

Rain said...

I'm not talking about that scene in particular there were many of them
Also I think that beside being schizophrenic she suffered from sexual orientation disorder...at least I saw it that way
She did see herself in Lilly but at a point Lilly stopped being a reflection of her dark side(when she supposedly killed her that is)
and even if that was true,the scene was not necessary anyway for me..

As for the show,I have all seasons too iza bedek hehe :D

w7l said...

Harry potter ...no way i will never watch it!
Documentry ... nuh, not in the mood
My name is khan ...hmm never watch it, oh wait 2.45 min!! Too long! But still it may worth it, okay then, im in! My name is khan will be my weekend movie.

Israa said...

hi there ;)
I'd like to share this website with you , it's great for almost all movies, you can read the analysis for Black Swan there , if you wish!
of course, I did watch it , and I got the idea , though I don't think the movie is perfect , but it made me aware of such people in society , plus : I felt I know a girl like this which made me scared 6b3an :s
anyway....you can't deny that the Direction of the movie was goood , especially bennehai
and here is the link :


Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

I told u guys NOT to watch it , but no1 lsnz to poor sheeshany

Whisper said...

Me too I didn't like it at all :$ forget the disgusting scenes, I didn't like the story and I don't know why they gave the actress an Oscare for her role in the movie O_o

I loved "Flipped" too some times I like to watch a movie don't need u to think just to enjoy the story :)

@ W7l
I recommend "Shutter Island" and if u like animation movies "Legend Of The Guardians"

w7l said...

@ Whisper

i watched shutter island, its wonderful movie, i liked it , for animation simply not big fan.

Rain said...

Yey...5ls it's a deal :D

Hi what's up dear?
Thanks for the link it seems interesting,but from my point of view I really don't wanna have to read an article after the movie in order to understand it!in my opinion that's a week story,mitl ma bet2ool sa7ebty ma 7addesh fahemha ella elly ktbha looool
Anyway that's just me :P
The direction is good,and I though Natalie's performance was really good,but not academy award good!

مهو لأنك معكاش مصاري محدش بيرد عليك

I think she was good,but like I said not THAT good!
I thought Flipped was really deep and had plenty of beautiful thoughts I really enjoyed every minute of it
Legend of The Guardians is amazing :)
Shutter Island is like "What the...0_O" until the last 5 minutes and then you're like "Ooooh!"
and then you're like "whatever (-_-')

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