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Saturday, April 30, 2011

It was wonderful,so dancey and and colorful,the music almost got me off my chair dancing looool
The story is also very nice,it kinda reminded me of both Open Season and Madagascar at the same time,but it was a nice combination of the two ideas...
The dog was sooooooo funny!
So yeah,live a little,go wild,shake it and have fun,life is short so spread your wings and take off! 


سراج الماضي said...

I like animation movie, I will wait until the Blue-ray version and watch it
Thanks for the review ;)

Rain said...

You're welcome :)

Finalway said...

All Animation movies are awesome i like them although most people says it's for kids ,for me is the best and a very special type of movies now i'm downloading after I've watch the tailor looks so funny ...

Rain said...

You're right they are the best,and you're welcome,but I think it is still new and what you'll find on the internet will not be so good to watch,especially that it's supposed to be in 3D and it's way better like that.

zuhair said...

viva la watching cartoon :D
bas konet emfakro la halfelem baye5 wo ra7 a5oi wo 5awati yr7daro wo ana dalet nayem :\

Rain said...

ahlan Zuhair long time no see
wallahy bansa7ak troo7 te7daro rwag min el 2a5er!

zuhair said...

maho 5eles men door el 3ard :)
ro7et 3ala pirates of the carribian wo nice besaly