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Tuesday, April 5, 2011
This BBC documentary rises the question of whether YOU are a result of your brain cells working together and processing inside your head i.e. your "mind" is just a result of the work of your brain
OR that you are two separate entities;your brain that works alone,and your mind that defines who you are,how you think,your decisions,your way of interpreting the data going in and processing the data going out..
Marcos-the presenter of the film- goes through a series of very interesting experiments that try to bring us closer to understanding the "I" that exists in each and every one of us.

In the last experiments we come to realize that by a quite simple test, scientists can actually predict what choice one will make SIX seconds earlier than actually making it in one's conciseness!so does that mean that our "mind" is actually the result of unconscious process our grey matter came up with and we only realized it six seconds later?are we "hostages" of our neural activity deciding who we are?
I quote the answer "But I wouldn't call it a hostage situation,because thinking of it as a hostage implies the dualism between your conscious mind and your brain activity,but the conscious mind in encoded in brain activity,it's realized by brain activity,it is an aspect of brain activity,and also the unconscious brain activity realizes certain aspects of YOU..it's in harmony with your beliefs and desires,so in most cases it's not gonna force you to do something you don't want to do"
"If we find that a person's thoughts are very closely encoded in their brain activity,we can't make a distinction between these thoughts and the brain activity,we don't need to assume that they're two separate entities existing in two different spaces,rather they're different aspects of the same physical process,so your consciousness IS your brain activity,and that's what's leading your life,it seems that what our experiments reveal is that there's like a mechanism unfolding,a deterministic mechanism that leads up to your decision in a later point in time,and that was inevitable,it could only go one way".

I found that very interesting and enlightening,we usually take this world created inside our heads for granted,we do not think of the fact that we realize who we are and what is around us,and it is too fascinating to neglect,there's a whole world inside there!a world that no one knows how it is created,did you ever imagine your decision could be detected by machines 6 seconds earlier than you actually making it?
I think I'll pay more attention from now on to this world inside and how it is functioning,what makes my mind "buzz" and what does not,this is really worth some thought!


Saleh said...


It is not only the work of brain. Everything inside us is amazing. Even those actions well explained by science. Have you ever thought how we manage to balance ourselves and walk on 2 feet! Have you ever thought how we manipulate the sound we produce into words? These actions are well understood but they are too complicated.

BBC produces great documentaries. They do that very well.

Hana said...

i don't wanna post a comment for this but for the one about the wedding dress but couldn't find how anyway if u are in love then 3adi :P if u are not then i guess it's THE DREAM :P

Devil's Mind said...

The mind such a mystery. Philosophically speaking, the mind/body dichotomy is the reason the concept of the soul emerged.

Advances in neurology would probably make the soul a retired concept; At least from philosophical perspective.

The Black Jubah said...

MashaAllah very interesting indeed. That is why Allah gave us a gift of the Salah Istikharah before jumping into what we thought is right...right? Thank you for following me.

Sophia's Lover said...

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Rain said...

It is really astonishing sub7an allah,and we take it all for granted!

LOL,I activated comments now :)
I know what you mean but I was just talking in general I'm not planning on making a commitment any time soon:P

@Devil's Mind
Well,I think speaking of what is religiously called the spirit is a completely different thing if that's what you mean
ino OK our mind is ourselves encoded in our neural activity,but the question is what makes us who we are?why am I completely different from my sister who got the same education and family?what makes us like or hate food,literature,music or anything else...for me that is a complete different matter to talk about

@Black Jubah
Maybe..Allah knows better
thank you for stopping by my friend :)

@Sophoa's Lover

Devil's Mind said...

I am talking about the mind-body dualism, most notoriously associated with Descartes.

Descartes proposed that matter and the physical world cannot give rise to thinking. So he proposed that there must be a substance not made of matter that allows humans to be "thinking" creatures. Of course, this substance is usually referred to as the "soul".

However, the idea that the mind is composed of a brain and a non-material substance is being phased out (although not completely yet). But science seems to suggest that the thought process can be completely explained and realized through a purely physical brain.

Rain said...

اذا الموضوع عبارة عن مخ بيشتغل بس فليش ما بنقدر نخلق اشي بيفكر؟
و اذا القصة انه مخ و بتوصله بيانات و بيحللها و هيك بتطلع الشخصية
فليش محمد و اخوه التوأم احمد مختلفين عن بعض 1000%؟
مش اني ببدي اناقشك بالموضوع انا نفسي محتارة فيه
بس ما اظن انه ايماني بوجود هالمادة "الروح" رح يتغير

عكلا you never know