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Thursday, April 7, 2011
So much love in this song that it brings tears to my eyes 

pintas de colores
mis mañanas solo tú
navego entre las olas de tu voz
y tú, y tú, y tú, y solamente tú
haces que mi alma se despierte con tu luz
y tú, y tú, y tú..♥♥♥


EvaLuna said...

Sara the thing with this song that its singer is pure. This is his very first song , he 21 and his eyes still twinkle when he sees the big stars he always saw on Tv ... give him a couple of years and something in him will die lel asaf :(((

naysan said...

مش عارفه اذا هاي الاغنيه لها علاقه بأعياد الميلاد!!!!حبيت اعيد عليكِ هون
واتمنالك احلى الامنيات بسنوات كلها فرح وخير وتحقيق للاحلام
كل عام وانتِ بخير يا بطه

Rain said...

Noooo don't say that :(((( ya rb ydall haik T_T

lol shukran...ya 7ram yemken enty olteely yaha 100 marra la 7ad hl2
7bebty enty teslameely ya rb <3<3<3