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Saturday, May 14, 2011
Okay..I know I always say how much I'm a nature person,I love everything about it,I love nature in all its moods,cruel,tender,savage,exotic,simple,amazing...everything!
But I have to say that it is only my mother-god bless her- to blame for my absolute tremendous horror of bugs,can't stand them,can't go near them...can't even look at them without having goosebumps all over my body!
Long story short,I go to the bathroom to brush my teeth and call it a day,and BAM! a giant spider is waiting for me right in the corner over my sink,I almost passed out,it was so hairy and huge EWWWW! I started getting paranoid...where did it come from?how did it come in here?has it nested here?has it crawled or laid eggs on my things,my towels my toothbrush...ooooh goooooooooood!!! :(((

I jumped away and out of the bathroom to call for backup,but everyone was sleeping :(
Ran downstairs in light speed to get the insecticide,we didn't have any!:(  I was really freaking out,I started to look for weapons especially after I noticed it was moving around EWWW :(
I grabbed the first thing I saw,wait for it....an air freshener!!!-_-'
I really wanted to save my toothbrush first,because it was near it..

I started spraying it on it as strong and as long as I could,it didn't seem to be affected,in fact all I really did was make it smell like a desert dream!-_-'

But all the spraying did pay off...the spider was too wet with the scented drizzle,and could not walk on the slippery wall...yay,I pulled myself together and snatched my toothbrush...the evil spider was already slipping down...until it fell on the floor...I grabbed the first weapon within reach,unfortunately it was my pink slippers :( but there was no time for second thoughts...I threw the slipper with all my strength at it...and...ta raaaa
It was dead,ew,but at the same time yay!

I found out where it came from,that window will not be opened again for a loooooong time!

I defeated the giant spider,me happy,nighty night 


LUNAR. said...

ايش بالنسبة لحلم الصحراء

الحمد لله عالسلامة :D

ΣcoŞan said...


Bazinga!!!! .. u should've stepped up to ur enemy long time ago .. :D

if u want any side-kick miss-anti-super-spider hero .. give me a call .. :sofera:

Abu Jarrar, 3n jad ..
sho bennesbeh la 7ilm e99a7ara2? :mal5oom:

Whisper said...

انت اشجع مني :$
لو انا يا امّا بصحي اخوي ...يا بضلّي اراقبه لحتى حد يصحى ولكن اني اقرّب عليه ...لاااا لاااا لاااااااا :(

سراج الماضي said...

الحمدلله على السلامة
نهاية عنكبوت شجاع كانت بشبشب زهري
بس كانت شجاعة منك بصراحة لأنك بتخافي من الحشرات
أنصحك ما تسافري على دول الغرب لأن
البيوت من خشب والحشرات شيء طبيعي في حياتنا خصوصا مع تواجد الشجر
بس تخيلت لوهلة انك قتلتي سبايدرمان :)

Dr. N said...

If you were scared from this tiny spider, you wouldn't survive a day in Lebanon. I have seen and killed spiders as long as an index finger :S
Good job, brave girl :)

w7l said...

Well first of all let me laugh as hard as I can about ur fears!! :)))) and yes I laugh usually at people instects fear !!!! Okay enough laughing now.... So your steps was correct but you need some modification in the techniques , for example you could add some fire to the air freshener so u will smell some spider hair barbecue ( too evil?) , or u could use the ultimate weapon from the first,any slipper will do it especially pink ones! Statistics showed pink slippers kill faster than other colors ! Seriously ! And statistics showed screaming actually scares the spider and make him scream too ( ya u will not hear it! Duhh! )

sfo said...

يا حرااااام
هسه هاظا جايانت
تسك تسك تسك

Aseel said...

LOL! at first and from the title itself i thought you were going to write about historical events! well, personal battles are hard too. and they hardly ever fade away from memories.. i honestly relate to your hardship.. marra i found a huge spider crawling on my baaaaaaack!!!! at first i thought that was just a thread but noooooooooo!! it was a huge spider and my oh my!!! you can never imagine what i had to go through. and I was at home alone during that :((

elmuhem el7amdella 3ala salamtek and it was good to overcome your fear :)

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

حمدا ً لله على السلامة

يا خويفة


فيلم رعب بأجزاء مخيفة :]

Devil's Mind said...

Yeah, bugs are bitches. Especially spiders. The scariest episode for me was with a fly, but that fly was too big, almost the size of a cockroach!! I remember when I saw it, I freezed, then ran to get the pesticide. After I sprayed it in the room, the fly started gasping for its life. Flying too fast in random directions! I remember it even made several bangs by ramming into the walls... I was too freaked out, ran out of the room, and closed the door and waited for several minutes to make sure it died.

Man... what a fly!

Rain said...

@Abu Zaina
الله يسلمك و الله كنا رح نروح فيها
انداري امي من وين بتجيب هالشغلات؟؟

b3d esh b3d ma atlto?!:k:

shofteeny w ana shoja3ah? <3

@ سراج الماضي
LOOOL wallah ana lma shofto fakarto Spiderman!!

iza hada tiny :( sho konty to2toly enty el armleh el sawda2?:(
shokran lol

ma sadda2t tet5wat 3lai enta looool
w b3dain sho had el tawa7osh ya mama!0_O
ma kont 2adreh a2tlo bil slipper min awlha 5oft yno6 3lai :(

Rain said...

LOL,l7alak tsok :(

Excuse moi! these are very true historical events!it was a great battle,we lost many but achieved victory wal 7amd lellah :(
LOOOOL 7ashashet 3a esstek HAHAHA
minny minnik bseer ano6...7ata yemken ano6 min el shobbak loool
7dert Madagascar lma ykoon 3a dahro 3nkboot?LOOOOOOOL

allah ysam7ak bs!
wallah kan yetalla3 3lai nazrat shreera :(

hay yemken dobbaneh alien lol

Devil's Mind said...

Yeah, it was one big black fugly thing with scary bluish eyes. Never seen it before, and hope to never see it again!