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Thursday, May 19, 2011
-I'm working on translating a short story,really slowly,but I'm getting there,although I would really like to meet the writer and ask her what the heck is the story supposed to symbolize..

-The other day I went shopping,I found the cutest pair of shoes,so comfortable and chic,so I took two pairs,blue and brown thinking "Those would be perfect for uni." and then later I was like "what uni. 0_O I'm done!"
I'm so in denial!

-I'm getting my graduation robe on Sunday,so excited :)

-I watched Happy Feet for the second time last night,just reminded me of how much it is important to let our children be who they are,we can't all be doctors,lawyers and engineers! some people were meant to be something else! some people have other talents that they're super good at,so why do we have to make them something else? if we let them do what they want for once we might just be surprised.

-I love this Muslim manga:

-I'm getting this haircut en sha allah,although everyone is telling me not to give up my hair,but I say hair grows back,why not try something fun every once in a while

-It's been so dusty for the last couple of days,the weather is unbearable!

-I'm freaking out,I'm so worried that I will not find a job and stay home all useless and lazy,when I stay at home with nothing to do I turn into a monster,everyone's telling me it's too early to worry,I know they're right I haven't even done my finals yet,but I can't help being worried,I hate feeling useless!

-Last but not least,here's a funny video about Jordanians and weather,so true!


Devil's Mind said...

Yeah, that one about the seasons is so true. We complain about everything, there is no pleasing solution!

As for work... Something will turn up eventually, although sometimes it might take few months of unemployment at the start.

d3mha said...

مبروك التخرج مسبقاً :P
n dunt worry about getting a job or not, u can create your own job :)

Dr. N said...

Love the hair cut, go for it!! I had mine cut and colored last week am in love with it.
the clip is so true...lol
I think people in Jordan are hardly thankful for anything.
Good luck on your finals :O)

Wafa' said...

I lol'd at the first paragraph , I don't know why .

I have the same fear of staying unemployed after graduating, this is strengthened by the fact that my major is , let's face it, uhmm,, unique

go for a shorter haircut, srsly

Rain said...

مش رح أنشر تعلقك بناء على رغبتك
مش رح أناقشك باللي قلته لأنه بصراحة جدا سخيف مع احترامي

لو سمحت لا تدخل مدونتي ولا تحط فيها تعليقات لأنه وجودك لم يعد مرحبا به

naysan said...

I need a job(part time if possible)!
I need a hair cut too!!!
I need a new pair of walking shoes too!

I'll pass for the mangas,dust and the annoying commentators!!!

Aseel said...

its normal to be worried! its a new phase in your life and things are moving fast.. just remember to breathe every now and then :)

good luck to you! be patient while hunting a job and dont settle for a lousy boring job..

P.S. most of fresh graduates hob between jobs during the first year.. i guess its because the pay isnt much for fresh graduates.. but this is another story. el muhem ma t5afeeeeee!!!!! the best feeling EVAAAA is exploring new paths in life and moving from one phase to another :) your adventure has begun!!

Love the haircut, as long as its not an impulsive decision! keep the shoes they are amazing I love buying new things for myself when I finish something grand, like graduating :)

mabrook mabrook :)

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

حتلاقي شغل بسرعة و يكون ممل أولها و بعدها بتلاقي شغل أحسن

الشوز شكلهم جد مريحين! بيشبهوا اللي عندي بالأردن

لتبعون اللي عندهم سكري :)

بعيد عنك إن شاء الله

و بتقدري تروحي على الجامعة فيهم حتى بعد التخرج :P

و اللا لازم مناقرة و مقاهرة لبنات الجامعة!
الهير كت = لا تعليق

*إنو نايس قصدي


الغبرة الحقيقية هي هون هالأيام!
صارلنا أكثر من أسبوع مخنوقين و مريضين

Rain said...

@Devil's Mind
Winter is the solution for me <3

ya rb ma a3od bil bait :'(((

الله يبارك فيك يا رب
and how can I create my own job??

Dr. N
enshallah I will,I love it too
thanks a lot 7beebty <3

You should read the story and then you'll really laugh y3ny no offence to the writer..

Why did you choose this major?do you like it?

hehe I will be looking for a job for you too then lolz
and let's do that haircut together :D
as for walking shoes I soooo recommend the ones I got they are super comfortable


You're right,I'm really excited although I'm worried :) metwakleh 3a allah <3
thanks a lot 7bebty :*

actually the hair cut a well thought decision
and the shoes are definitely keepers,they are sooo comfortable!
allah ybarek feeky w yese3dek ya 3sl <3

ايش صاير تفتح بالمندل؟

والله معناها بدي أصير اشتري شوز مرضى السكري اذا هيك،لأنهم جد مريحين!
سلامات...أتقل دم جو بالحياة جد بيعملي كآبة

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

هم غاليين بس مريحين جدا ً و الله!

الله لا يعيزك لإلهم على كل :)

و شفت الفيديو أخيرا ً - إحنا هيك!