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Tuesday, May 17, 2011
You would think that someone who writes poetry this beautifully, would write an equally beautiful drama,but think again!
Through this semester we read and analyzed 3 of Lorca's plays at our specific theme in literature class,Blood Wedding(Bodas de Sangre), Yerma, The House of Bernarda Alba(La Casa de Bernarda Alba).
With the exception of Yerma,Lorca's drama felt almost exactly like watching a Turkish soup with my mother,but I guess the problems of oppressed societies are the same everywhere..
I can't deny that his description of settings was amazing,his description of death scenes gives you the chills,and the folkloric poetry and songs gave a beautiful magic touch to the atmosphere of the play,those songs are surprisingly extremely similar to Palestinian folklore  and reminded me of it a lot.
But again,the stories are just...Ugh!
Yerma on the other hand caught my attention,it is a story of a woman who cannot have children,but we don't really find out why,some critics say that Yerma's Husband represents Lorca himself..a homosexual secretly suffering from the chains and rules of the society, it's pretty interesting and very sad,again it reminded me a whole lot of our own society.
I still love Lorca,but the boy was just too messed up,may he rest in peace wherever he is..


EvaLuna said...

There is a statue of him in a main street in Granada , I always sit next to him and look at him ,,, even his statue has sad eyes ,,,,

Hana said...

i didn't know him b4 i read what u wrote and i'm glad u told us about him :)
about that he was a mess i guess most genius ppl or who do gr8 stuff they are somehow messed up

Rain said...

ya nunu :(

Guess you're right,he wouldn't have been this good if he hadn't suffered