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Monday, May 2, 2011

Since I have to wait a whole week to watch an episode of my current favorite show "The Big Bang Theory",I decided to start with "How I Met Your Mother",I'm watching the first season now and I'm lovin' it! I never thought I'd say this but this is definitely my new "Friends"...it's not as funny as Friends but it has a wonderful story in my opinion,and I particularly LOVE Lily and Marshal,they're so cute and perfect for each other,they're the craziest funniest couple ever,but still nice and mature,makes you want something exactly like that one day :)
So all in all it's legen-wait for it!-dary...legendary! :D


Ahmad Hamdan said...

Its way better than friends, although with the latest seasons am started to lose my likings but will stay a fan, i want to know who the damn mother is

Devil's Mind said...

I love "The big bang theory". But "How I met your mother", nah... I watched the first two episodes and they were boring! There is a comedy called "Modern Family", try it out, you might like it.

سراج الماضي said...

the only show that I followed it ep by ep was HERO, I miss it very much
Then "Smallville" and "V"
also I recommend "Flash Forward"

Hana said...

rain: i guess we'll have fun if we watch tv together coz we have the same taste!! grays,friends,how i met ur mother!!
tell me u like disparate house wife :P
have fun :)

Rain said...

Ahmad Hamdan
It's definitely not better than Friends but it's close,w sra7a it is not very funny especially when you get used to the crazy character of Barney and he stops being so funny,but what is keeping me watching is the story,the story is awesome

Devil's Mind
I heard of it,I'll watch it,bs after Dexter and a coupla other shows kman :D

سراج الماضي
I hate Smallville lol

Who doesn't?! lol,yala t3ali let's watch something together :D

Devil's Mind said...

You didn't watch Dexter?! OMG, that's the best show ever!!

Rain said...

Something tells me you're a lot like him DM lol
BTW,7lemet ino fi ghost bel7a2ny ismo Zaid,I woke up really scared and decided to hate that name forever :(

Devil's Mind said...

Well, I guess Dexter would never tell on the internet. So, you'll never know.

And that's one hell of a dream! Every guy I know called Zaid is an asshole (and I know many)... Except for me... Oh well, I am an asshole, but of a different kind! :S Point being, if you have anything against people called Zaid, I support you 100%!!

Rain said...

LOL did you just call yourself an asshole O.o

I don't have something against people called Zaid,just against the name lol