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Saturday, May 7, 2011
A while ago I watched The Book of Eli and intended to write about it,I don't know why I eventually didn't,but I thought about it again the other day because something happened..
Our maid is a very religious Christian,she has such deep faith in God that you can just feel it when talking to her,the other day she was sick,and she was very sad for receiving some bad news,her grandmother had passed away
So she woke up at night and came to the living room where we were sitting,and asked my mother to read Quran for her!
My mom asked her to sit ,and she read Quran for her and prayed.

The thing with having faith is that,it doesn't matter where it comes from,but it gives you power,it grows a deep hidden strength in you when you most need it,it gives courage to move on,consolation to forget and hope to look forward to...and I remembered the movie.
In a future world where human civilization is almost entirely wiped out,a man risks his life and goes through hell to deliver the message of God
In the movie this "messenger" is provided with incredible strength from God in order to go through his journey and save the holy Bible,but I think that sort of super power was a metaphor for the power I was just talking about,the power that simply believing gives you.

Whenever you lose sight of everything you have it to guide you,whenever you're afraid you have it to reassure you
Keep your faith strong and remember it in your darkest time,you just might have super powers you didn't know of!


Aseel said...

Nice and well said

w7l said...

the thing i hate the most when some people try to make that big deference between different religion, people! if we all believe in god thats it!! at least we are believers! we believe in something that add a purpose to our life, something that make you accept a horrible tragedies such as death and sickness, something that make you thank him for your happy moments!

i dont care what your religion is; as long as you believe in god!

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

hated the movie! Looooved the book :)

Denzel is great but somehow I ddnt "feel it" :)

I was writing something bwt Faith! U made me "edit" :)


Rain said...

thanks :)

Well said :)

t3al koll yoom :)