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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Translating Arabic to Spanish is just frustrating for me not because I can't do it,I can...but there's this thing with the difference between speaking a language and dominating it,I speak Spanish but I don't dominate it,I can't play with words and expressions,I can't come up with stronger vocabulary even when I know stronger vocabs they don't occur to me easily,I don't seem to have the enough confidence to manage the sentence the way I want,so it turns out just week because I'd rather get it simple and right than strong with mistakes :(
And there's another thing...when I'm translating to English and I look a word up,I can distinguish which one of the words sounds right,or fits perfectly where I want to be,but in Spanish I can't do that,I don't have that thing that tells me clearly which is "more right" and it is frustrating.

I'm doing so well with Arabic-English,English-Arabic and Spanish-Arabic,but Arabic-Spanish remains far now,hopefully not for a long time..


abuelsharif said...

yo pase con la misma problema, es que el Arabe es tan fuerte y lleno de palabras, que ningun lenguage puede ofrecer...
it's good to remember some spanish spanish :P
otra cosa, te saludo a tu gusto en Pablo alboran..Jameel !

heek bakoon ghatet 3 languages :P

سراج الماضي said...

اللغة العربية هنالك الكثير من التعبيرات فيها لا نستطيع تحويلها للغات ثانية
ولكن حسب معلوماتي أن اللغة الإسبانية 20% منها جاءت من العربية بسبب تأثرهم بدولة الأندلس العظيمة

الترجمة من لغة لثانية تحتاج ليس فقط لمعرفة معاني الكلمات بل للتمكن من إعادة صياغة الجمل بشكل ينقل المعنى المطلوب ترجمته

أتمنى لك التوفيق فالترجمة مجهود ليس بالسهل أبداً وأنا أعتبره إبداع بحد ذاته، وأعتقد أنه عليك قراءة المزيد من الروابات والقصص باللغة الإسبانية لزيادة حصيلتك من المفردات والتعبيرات اللغوية لتتغلبي على هذه المشكلة

Devil's Mind said...

For the stress, you can go to the pharmacy and ask for Fukitol. The best medicine out there.

For the translation, there is a program that can be very helpful if you don't already have it... It's called "Babylon Pro". Very handy. And there is also WordWeb, which is actually more suited to what you need, although unfortunately it is for English language. Basically it provides synonyms, antonyms, similar, and related words. Anyways, search online for similar products, they should help a lot.

Hana said...

i just can tell u trust urself more, be confident more and u'll do ok :) good luck :)

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

practice practice :)

I know u know that ,, but no other way raino.

just translate each chapter and go over it once u r done ,, u shall be able to fabricate it better that way . :)

Devil's Mind said...

And by the way, Babylon accept freelance translators. You can do that as a side job. check http://translator.babylon.com/translator-faq.html

You would get complete autonomy as to when and what you work on. Pretty neat!

Rain said...

abuelsharif said...
Me quedé toda la noche trabajando y no es muy mal,pero como has dicho algunas palabras o metáforas simplemente no tienen equivalencia en ninguna otra lengua,pero de todos modos,hice lo mejor que pude hacer y ojala saque una nota buena :)
Pablo Alboran,como sabes que me gusta?:D

and LOL XD

سراج الماضي
10% من المفردات في اللغة الاسبانية من اصول عربية
على كلا صدقت،لازم أقرأ أكتر بس اللعنة على النياطة و الكسل يا صديقي

Devil's Mind
LOL I'm not that stressed!thank you!
and thanks a lot for the program, it's nice,although Google Translator isn't that bad if you know how to use it :)
Also thank you for the freelance thingy,I think I'm gonna try it out :D

Thanks 7bebty <3

You're right,el 7a2 3lai ballasht feeha met2a5reh mshan haik ma l7e2t araje3ha ad ma bedy!
yeslamo :)