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Sunday, May 22, 2011

I was thinking about this video -and I realize it's is only related to a social phenomena in the USA- but I was thinking about it and I decided to pay attention and do a tiny experiment on the people around me to find out whether that "problem" is attached to a particular society or is it more common than we imagine(or notice)..
This is not about us copying pop culture or using English words to sound cool,actually,paying close attention I found out it's really rooted,we're constantly needing and demanding confirmation while we speak,that it has become something unnoticeable! the same invisible question marks,the same "ya know?" but like:
عارف عليّ؟فاهمني؟سامع؟ 
ماشي؟منيح لهون؟
It is really rare to find someone not talking this way,at least in our everyday life,people really stopped speaking with conviction! and for us I think it's not about whether we have something to say or not,we're simply so inarticulate,so unsure of ourselves,that we need that nod or whatever from other people to feel secure of what we're saying.
People speak the same way,about the same things,and it's really frustrating and boring if you pay attention,not just because how much ignorance there is,but also because they don't know about it!


Devil's Mind said...

Well, I do that sometimes. Requiring confirmation while talking that is. But for me, it's not about assurance or seeking approval. Confirmation is actually a good communication practice.

We don't speak just to speak, or just to hear the sound of our voice. We speak to communicate ideas and thoughts. And when you are following a train of thought, it is useful to make sure that other people understand you.

What would you think of a classroom teacher who just explains without asking students whether or not they understand or have questions?! Probably, you'd say that's a bad teacher. Normal conversations would benefit from that kind of confirmation.

Rain said...

I do that too
and I guess you are right,but I don't know,some people just run out of things to say,you know?so they just start blabbing about things and like making sure they're torturing you with them
Yes I'm talking about cab drivers