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I long for freedom, and when I get it, I don't know what I'm going to do with it, but I will surely be happy.

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Sunday, May 8, 2011
This is my last week as a student at JU,my last classes are rolling away and I'm no longer a part of this society,my life will never be the same again,this is where I decide what I'm going to do with the rest of my life,this is where I take the path I want,this is where I'm no longer a kid but a grown up.
I won't be cutting classes,I won't be saving my allowance to buy something,I won't be worried about exams,presentations,homeworks or quizzes..
No more uni. takeout food that I know is bad for me but eat anyway,no more breaks and mornings just hanging out,no more long trips to registration,no more professors offices,no more plays and presentations and activities,no more A..B..B+...No more visits to JU's library borrowing books for months..

At this point of my life and from now on, I'm making decisions that will affect my life seriously,I'm responsible for every step and its consequences..
Wow,I did not expect to be THIS sad! I've been eager to graduate since my 3rd year,but now I'm starring at everything at the uni. and missing it already! The fact that I'll no longer be part of it breaks my heart and fills me with alienation..

I'll miss the benches in front of my faculty,we always sat and took so many photos there
I'll miss my classes,even the boring ones!
I'll miss that street behind engineering where we used to sit and drink Niscafe (Toto...el 3abbarah :))
I'll miss the cafeteria where I once spelled hot tea on myself,I'll miss its tea..its treys,its spoons and forks,falafel and bread,god I'll miss it!
I'll even miss the online exams at Student.com

I know I'm being too emotional about it,but I can't help it,it's the end of a 4 year old era,my heart is breaking!


naysan said...

I miss it now too...after all these years!!!
so many regrets for all the things i skipped....even the dull subjects.

n2ool mabrook kaman marra ????lol

Doomish said...

Congratz, if you still miss it after a while, Masters is an option :D

Devil's Mind said...

Guess what they say is true: The grass is always greener on the other side. But you are right, university is pretty neat. Old enough to do whatever you want, but without the responsibilities that come later on!

I was never attached to my university as a place or even people (call me crazy, I didn't even attend the graduation ceremony!). But that period of time was awesome!

Whisper said...

اكيد راح تضلي تتذكري هالايام على طول و لكن تأكدي ان المرحلة الجاي و السنوات الجاي راح تكون امتع و احلى ان شاء الله و حتتحول برضه لذكريات حلوة مثلك بالزبط :)

ربنا يكتبلك الخير بكل خطوه و ان شاء الله كل قراراتك تكون صح

د/دودى said...

لا انتى مش عاطفيه زياده ولا حاجه ده موقف طبيعى...زى ما قلتى قرار دخول انهى جامعه يتخيل للبنى ادم انه قرار مصيرى مش بيحط فى دماغه انه ممكن يودعها

عندى انا بقى 7 سنين ..زمان كنت بتضايق انى هاقضى مده اكتر من غيرى بعد كده حبيت الفكره انى اكون طالبه لمده اطول

ربنا يوفقك فى حياتك يا رب

Sharif.H said...

Don't worry...
Every era has it's own qualities:


Aseel said...

:) loved it! You will always have the option of a post graduate study.. this is up to you to follow.. I did it and so many did too.

Some say: "growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional". I don't believe that you have to act up all serious all the time.. enjoy your present time and trust me no matter how old you become you will wake up every day and find new things to learn that will remind you of your self at a young age while studying and learning new things..

dont worry about what is yet to come, and btw, presentations never end even at work. and competition is still the same you just deal with more experienced people. and you will also meet lousy managers who will remind you of lousy professors LOOL! you will also meet lots of interesting people out there too :) just think of it as the time to explore the world

give yourself the joy of living every phase of your life. the best is yet to come.

congrats 3al graduation in advance ;)

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

u`ll have the memories 4 ever :)

and WILL visit again and again .. :)

happy last week raino

w7l said...

فهمنا ماشي! يعني انت كتبت هاد الموضوع عشان تحكيلنا انه كل علاماتك A و B+ !صح !?

EvaLuna said...

Sara san , I wrote some about us , enshalla I will send it to you soon. Ma3ek 7agg ,,, we were too good to be true , still I am graduating an entire year after year , so whenever you feel like coming to JU you will see a familiar face that loves you a LOT a LOT

ps: 4refty gesset ''a lot'' ta3et Guardiola? ye6la3 3a gabry

Rain said...

I mniss it already!
LOOOOL l2 plz ma fi da3y!!

Yeah but it's not the same!
thanks Dotty <3

I wish I wasn't attached to mine,but life goes on sho bedna ne3mel! :)

طبعا كل مرحلة الها اشيائها الحلوة
شكرا يا قمر

Rain said...

د دودي
شكرا يا قمر

LOVED the song,thanks a lot! :)

Yeah sure,en sha allah,although it won't be the same :)

and you are right,growing up can be fun :D
Thanks a lot for your sweet words <3

en sha allah
thank you!

LOOOL yeah,that's the reason behind the post!
thanks a lot doc. :)

ehe2 ehe2 :(

and yeah shofto lol,a6rm

سراج الماضي said...

ومن منا لا يتذكر الأيام الجميلة بكل عواطفه
ولكن هذه هي الحياة صفحات نطويها في كتاب عمرنا
نخزنها في ثنايا الذكريات ونسحب منها وريقات يبين الحين والآخر لتساعدنا على المضي قدما في هذه الدنيا
أهم شيء انت تحتفظي بكل قصاصة او صورة او تجربة من هذه المرحلة، فبعد عشرة سنوات مثلاً ستصبح هذه الأشياء التافهة والبسيطة كنوزاً لا تقدر بثمن

أتمنى لك التوفيق في حياتك العملية وإن شاء الله القادم يكون أفضل

Wafa' said...

This is very sweet, seems like your uni experience was pretty joyful, personally I'd trade places with anyone who's graduating this semester, I can't take it anymore.
If I ever miss i or talk back about certain memories in this hell-hole ( aka YU ) it'll be because i'm feeling outta place for leaving a place i've been to daily for the past 4 years, other than that, God help me get out quicker !

Rain said...

كلام جميل
شكرا لك

I'm so sorry you feel that way,ya rb tet5arrajy b sor3a w tseery a7san archeological conservator(I hope I got that right lol)
hugs <3