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Sunday, June 5, 2011

DM thanks for recommending this movie,I watched it today and absolutely loved it..
I must say that each time I watch a certain movie I understand it differently because I relate to it on a different level,this movie in particular hit the spot for me right now,because of this huge ugly feeling that's been taking over me for the last couple of weeks.

Since I finished this semester all eyes have been on me,and I'm not exaggerating nor that I'm being a drama queen about it,but you know it means after a girl from such a conservative society like me graduates from university..it's like her ticket to immediately get married,it's like the automatic next step for me to shop for the one..
When Alice is put in the spotlight she doesn't bend under pressure,she stands for what her heart wants and what she believes she can do,she doesn't accept to be formed according to the standards of her society and be another sheep in the herd...

This is a reminder for me that no matter how much pressure there is,I will not allow anyone to decide who I am for me,it is my choice at the end,no one is ever forced into anything.

I loved the effects,Jonny Depp's character and the actress that played Alice.


Devil's Mind said...

Thank you. It's a brilliant movie indeed. I hope you'd share your insight on the post I made. :)

naysan said...

لسه يا بطه....مش هلا النق بيبلش؟
بعد سنه سنتين شغل ...:) او اذا وحده من بنات العيله انخطبت ....ويا سلام اذا كانت اصغر منك مثلاً

استلقي وعدك خخخخخخخخخخ

Anonymous said...

Nice Movie :) I watched once and don't mind to watch it again and again :)

And Take it easy ma6ooora ;) Still you are in the beginning of your nagging life ;D

Wish you all the happiness sweetie :)


Abuelsharif said...

Well, it was a good average movie,
but if you are going with recommendations, I highly go with the Adjustment bureau !

مياسي said...

well the red queen was my favorite character, i did not like alice that mush ;p

Saleh said...

Always go for whatever best for you. Don't worry about people, simply they talk too much.

Whisper said...

Love it ....I watched it maybe 3 times and I can watch it again :)

I like all Jonny Depp's movies there is something special about his movies... as if he added his touch to make the movie somehow magical :)

الكيل بمكيالين said...

I watched it last year, very good movie, Johny Depp is my favorite actor.
needs a recommendation? pirates of the caribbean 4

كعكي said...

انا بحب الارنب العجوز المهسهس وبرجف
ضحكته بتجنن
you are late for tea

اللي بكون عالطاولة لمل اليس بتيجي عند هاتر

وجع البنفسج said...

راح احاول اشوف الفيلم ، بس يبدو من كلامك ،انه فيلم رائع ، كيف لا وبطله جون ديب ..
اعذريني في التقصير بالزيارة

Rain said...

@Devil's Mind
ahlan :)

يا حبييييييييييبي

I'm taking it easy but no one else is!loool
ahlan ya 2mr <3

Interesting..enshallah why not,thanks! :D

She was pretty funny sa77? XD

Couldn't agree more
thanks :)

Maybe the special thing in his movies is that he is too cute to be true?LOL

pirates of the caribbean 4
Mmmm I don't know I didn't watch part 3,and I don't think it's worth cinema I'll just wait for the Dvd

jd kan t7sheeeeeesh loool

@وجع البنفسج
أهلا و سهلا فيكي بأي وقت حبيبتي

سراج الماضي said...

بصراحة ماشفت الفيلم لسة
ولكن ليش لأ بنشوفه وبنعطيكي رأينا :)

Rain said...

لا تنسى تعطينا رأيك