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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

This should not be called June 2011 it should be called lazy 2011!
God I've been so lazy that it takes me 5 minutes of thinking if it's worth it before I get up and brush my teeth in the morning or before I sleep(notice I did not say go to bed cause usually I'm already in it!)
I'm eve too lazy to reply to comments if you noticed!

But starting from today,I'm no longer surrendering to the sticky weather or the boring atmosphere,I've decided to INVENT things to do,each day a new thing
And since my blog was affected by my laziness too,I decided to invent stuff to blog about as well,today will be 3 random facts about me..
-I have lots of grey hair at the age of 22,I wonder what will happen when I'm 30..maybe I'll go bald lol.

-My favorite nuts is this kind of peanuts,dunno what it's called or how it is roasted but I'm addicted to it

-Today I found this book buried under my dad's piles of legal books,what a book...amazing,it might be outdated now,but still it's worth reading

Yes that's it,I've nothing more to add! lol


Dr. N said...

My daughter is 17 and had lots of gray hair and I am ?? and don't have any ;)
I love those nuts too. My hub came from Lebanon 2 days ago and brought the most delicious nuts ever!! Yalla sa7se7i o oktoboi kaman <3

SimSim said...

sometimes u get lazy when u have tens of things to do and don't know where to start :D I have to start shopping and getting ready for my visit to Jordan in a month !!! and start packing because we r moving to another state !!!!! in a month also !!! lool

so shaj3enne kaman :D w ana bashaj3ek :D

Aseel said...

mmmmm,, grey hair is a sign of wisdom.. mabrook shaikhah :) But stop counting them out of boredom.. its creepy LOL no kidding

Its normal to get lazy after graduation le2anno before there were so many things to do, many places to go to and many new people to meet... you were still allowed to act crazy on a daily basis.. Now you have to act like an adult which can be a bit boring bel awal :s sa7?

keep up with discovering and inventing new things! that sounds fun we wanna hear about it :)

cheerz Rain

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

يا كسلان وحّد الداااااااااااااااااااااايم


بكرهك شوي مشان صورة ال نتس

خليتيني نتس!


I`m banned from eating`em ,,, ehe2

Euphoria said...

hiii rainoo..

when I read the first line I chocked as if I wrote this befoor..
its happening to me tooo.
I luv these nuts too and the book look amazing
Go ahead and tell us about it ;)

its nice to read your posts again :))

كعكي said...

مين مشيبك؟

Devil's Mind said...

I don't know about you, but for me, the only thing I can do without laziness is go out with friends. Being with friends just pumps me full of energy!

Call your friends... Go out... Don't just sit at home!

And don't be in a hurry to get things going in your life... Things can wait, just do what feels most important to you personally.

naysan said...

i love those nuts,and the real nuts too:)

i have more Gray hair than my mother's!!!
its genetic i think.

Rain said...

None of my parents,sisters or relatives have this,which makes everyone tell me that it must be caused by a ra3beh!
sa7tain 3al nuts
w ah hainy 3m asa7se7 hehe :D

OMG you'd better start working missy! go go go!!

LOOOL I can't count them aslan they're too many
Besides I like them,they're kinda special <3

I know you're totally right it's normal but mym mom disagrees loool
It is boring especially ino msh zabta 3lai el growing up HAHA
Thnx lovely ;)

Oops sorry! :(
بس شوي؟
أنا بكرهك ألف

Heey there Fartoosh,I'm so glad to have you back here 7beebty :* <3

Well then you too have to invent stuff to talk about yalla! I miss your blog <3

@ كعكي
مش عارفة

@Devil's Mind
I'm not a lazy person normally I swear :(
I do go out from time to time and it helps :)

You're right I'm not rushing things or anything I just wanna feel like I'm doing something..

tb tfaddali <3
w lazim ne3mel club ana w enty w bent Nilly! <3

سراج الماضي said...

وفي مشاريع ترجمة كمان موقفة :)
بدنا همة يلا :)

Rain said...

أحمد،والله عم بشتغل عليه،بس برضو عندي المسابقة
وين راح أكاونت الفيسبوك تاعك؟