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Tuesday, June 21, 2011
One of the things that interest me and confuse me at the same time the most is the human brain,how much we know about everything with it...and how little we know about it itself! isn't the most interesting thought that the thing that enables you to know everything about everything is UNKNOWN to you!!

Anyway,they say a regular person uses only 10% or less of his true brain capability,so imagine what happens if you use let's say 30....40 or 50,or better yet,imagine if one little pill can take you beyond that and give you a limitless access to it,everything you've ever read or even just saw by chance...everything you've ever learned...all your knowledge through the years is right there in your hands...you're ultimately capable of using it! what if you  find a way to be a better YOU? the interesting thing is that this drug does not add anything to you...it just lets out things you already know but did not know you knew,or abilities and talents you didn't know you had..maybe that is the key to success,you need to know that it's there in you,you just have to bring it out...

Another aspect of the movie is drug addiction,when Eddie reaches the point of no return he is desperate enough to drink a dead man's blood! drugs tend to make you feel you cannot live without them,but in my opinion Eddie never realized the fact that this drug is not really adding anything to the person he is. Like other drugs that make you feel invisible but the truth is it is all already in you...and it depends on you to feel good enough about yourself.

Anyway,that was a fun movie to watch,although I would have liked it better with a different ending,if you're feeling like a good funny thriller,then this is the one for you.


observationofalostsoul said...

yes I agree with u o zaman 3anik. Kont mareeth so ma kan ili sawlat o jawlat 3ala blogik :D

yosef said...

مساء الخير

من تجربتي ومحاولة معرفة ودراسة العقل البشري خاصة بعد اصابة ابني علي بالشلل الدماغي اقول لكِ ان الانسان الطبيعي والذكي لا يستعمل ولا 1% من خلايا الدماغ
فالدماغ يحتوي على حوالي 15 مليار خلية
منها واحدة تتحكم في حركة القلب وتنظمه وهكذا
والباقي خلايا تخزينية تستعمل للتخزين او كما في حالة علي لتقوم مقام التالفة منها

سبحان الخالق والموضوع مهم ودائما محتاج الى التعمق فيه

شكرا لكِ على الاشارة للموضوع

دمتِ بخير

abuelsharif said...

law ta3rafi adeesh beghalebni your blog to accept a comment !!
and about the movie...downloading, we iza ma 3ajabni im coming back :P

Zeinab said...

Interesting blog. I accidentally came across it and just wanted to clarify that the notion that we only use 10% of our brain is in fact a myth! I know, I actually had believe it for a long time. It is one of those myths that have gained credibility over the years, despite its inaccuracies.
Though, I do agree, the mind is fascinating, and yet to be fully explored. Aspects of it, then, do remain unknown.

مواطنون بلا حدود said...

أنا شفت الفلم الأسبوع الماضي...اللي خلاني أشوفه هيه دعايته و الفكرة...بس حسيت الفيلم مش قوي بنفس قوة الفكرة...كان ممكن الطرح يكون أفضل...كان في أحداث ما إلها داعي و استهلاك للوقت كان ممكن يستغل في شرح الفكرة أكثر...طرحك للموضوع كان أكثر متعة من الفيلم نفسه

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

it`s a gr8 movie , I liked it a loooot
and @abuelsharif u will like it, no worries ;)

Aseel said...

me too!!! ya rait law the ending was more thought of than this lame one... but all in all, it is a good movie!

Rain said...

6annasht.ha w nseet.ha sort tekrahny :(

أهلا يوسف
فعلا سبحان الله،الدماغ اشي معقد و لوين لنفهم جزء منو
شكرا عالمرور

keef?did you like it?
I'm sorry :( why do you have a hard time commenting?is there anything I can do?

Welcome to my blog and thanks for your input I did not know that was a myth!
Stick around ;)

@مواطنون بلا حدود
أهلا نورت
شكرا الك عالرد اللطيف
أنا شخصيا استمتعت فيه
بس كان حيطلع أحلى مع بعض التفاصيل الناقصة و نهاية أقوى

yeah it was fun to watch

I really would have liked it better if they talked about details...if they went a bit more scientific or something,I wished it was kinda like Inception(m3 e5telaf el fekra 6ab3an)
and I wished he could have learned a lesson,the story stopped at the climax and never really had a falling action or a resolution!