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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Good movie,exciting story,incredible effects and GORGEOUS actor loool..
It tells the story of a prince not ready to take his father's place on the throne yet,because he is blinded by his arrogance, recklessness and short sight of things,Thor is eventually banished from his father's kingdom for causing a war with their enemies the frost giants,and the story begins there.

However the story seemed to have skipped a scene or something! we don't see how Thor learns his lesson,we can't determine the turning point where he has his wake up call and turns into someone who forgives before thinking of revenge,who uses love and peace not rage and war,where he turns into a true king,maybe his love to Jane,a human he met on earth, made it all clear for him,but still there was something missing.
All in all it was a very good movie,with a wide open ending begging for a second part,go watch it.it's fun.


rana raza said...

good job dear

w7l said...

Sure? Or its like my name is khan ?

I didn't watch it yet :(

Did u watch it in 3D?

Israa said...

Seems interesting !! :))

Anonymous said...

For us who grew up with the Marvel Universe of Thor, Iron Man & The Avengers (coming in 2012), this was an opportunity missed. Wanted to see it in 2D but the local greedy distributors provided only the 3D version which is inferior in quality and ask you to pay more. I'll catch it on 2D DVD when it comes out, not the cheapo copies out now.

Aseel said...

yeeeee 7dertoh! and OMG that THOR is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fine and well cut lol!

The movie is taken from a german myth. search it, the myth is much more interesting than the movie.. ma ra7 a7re2lek el movie wala el myth in case you decided to read :)

I think he learns his lesson when he first try to take his hammer but fails, because of the spell his father cast on it.. That was a spirit and ego breaking to him.. it was that moment when he had to deal with the fact that whatever he had is no longer his, the throne, the life on his land his friends and his father... The second wake up call is when his brother tells him that his father died and must never come back.. ya 7aram it was heart breaking when that tear dropped men 3aino w asked his brother for forgiveness.. the third time is when his friends (Sif and others and the humans along with the woman he starts to love) are in danger.. so they defend them... the last time is when he realizes that his brother is the reason of all of this and is going to kill his sleeping father.. it is a good movie :)

Rain said...

@Rana Raza
Hmmm,you're not a spammer are you?lol
Anyway thanks!

keef y3ny mitl My Name Is Khan..I never watched it
It was really goodnasee7a roo7 e7daro,and yes I watched it in 3d although I though 2d was more than enough,the effects were already amazing and the 3d did not add anything to it..

It is interesting,and if you don't enjoy the story you'll enjoy looking at the guy looool

I totally agree there was no need for 3D,but it wasn't bad either..

LOL finally someone noticing how gorgeous he is LOL

I already watched the movie so u can't te7re2eeh hehe,but I wanna read more about the original story,it sounds interesting b7eb el gesas el 6rma ana <3
You're right those 3 situations were intense and showed his transformation of mentality...I don't know maybe I was wrong,but it felt as if a scene was missing...just one little teeny tiny scene..u know?
and yeah it was good :)

rose water said...

This movie is SOOOOO great I'm going to watch it again! :)

Rain said...

yeah definitely me too :)

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