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Friday, June 24, 2011
Yesterday my graduation ceremonies were held at JU,it was a perfect day,so much fun..I'm so glad I went :)
I got there a little bit early,it took me no time to get my number,the weather was nice and cool,I took more photos than I imagine I'd take at my wedding!!
And yes the heels tortured me,my feet reached the point of complete numbness at let's say 5...my toes were not there anymore!
We sang,we danced,we took pictures and we had fun waiting..
And as we were coming out to get lined up on the chairs I saw my family and friends yay :D
Of course we had to sit there waiting because medicine students were graduating just before us...talk about feeling like crap when you graduate with medicine students!! -_-'
Anyway,our turn came...and at the moment the called my name and I walked to get my certificate I forgot my swelling feet,my messed up make up and my spinning head,it was a perfect moment with the university's anthem rumbling,I was so happy,I was even proud!
We were done then,and headed out of the stadium,I was a mess!

I saw my friends and took even more pictures,and my family got me flowers <3

I went to buy coffee with Toto from Adel for the last time
I love you Toto,we're gonna be even more wild at your ceremonies! XP

I'm so glad I did this,it was the right decision to go,it was an unforgettable day :)
and thanks to all my friends here who supported me and encouraged me to go,I have no toes now(lamma kan 3andy nazar!) but IT WAS WORTH IT :)

I'm guessing this is probably my last post about JU...I'll miss this day,I'll miss the "student me",I'll miss the "foolish young me with no responsibilities"(not like I'm such a grown up now lol)...but I guess it's different!

I'll miss you JU,and I'll always love you!
and finally I would like to deeply apologize to my feet..I'm sorry guys,I'll never put you through that again...not even on my wedding day!

Over n' out!


naysan said...

ma sha2 allah!!!
7elweh ya ma2soofeh:)

I guess it will not be the last post about JU ...
you will write about how much you miss it and more posts about memories you never imagined to remember,,,

mabrooooooooooooook....again & again hhhhhhhh

alirbidi said...

السلام عليكم
ألف مبررررررررررررررروك
صورتك بالروب بجنن
إن شاء الله حياتك كلها من نجاح لآخر ...
و تتحقق كل أمنياتك

و أكيد عقبالي كمان هههههههه

EvaLuna said...

meen a5er comment ma a5er comment? at least you are gonna post once a eek about coming to JU and having great deep long amazing conversations with your smart friend Toto looooool ,,,,

You were betjnnini ,,, 5alas bekaffi emotions bas it was great although low konti shabb kan kan a7la , kont 7a66etek 3a ktafy o nadeena wlad el 3asheerA o 3amalana DabakA Goddam al Jam3A ,,, ya 7serty 3al niswaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

Aseel said...

nice pics Rain :) so happy and proud of you :) wish you all the best on the things to come :)

EvaLuna said...

o aosh bennesbe la enu ta3lee8y ra7 yonshar ba3d el moraja3a?!! beddy Aseer VIP ya 3eeb eshom 3al blogger

♥●• Izdiher·•●♥ said...


I did not know that you have another blog ,too.

Ze2red said...

Mabrooooook Mabrooook you are finally done with it. Even thought you will miss those days my friend, I wish you all the best to come.

Dr. N said...

I can't wait to read about your life after graduation. I am also glad you went, some moments don't come twice in life.
Mabrook for the ... time. I lost count...lol

نورنياتي said...

زكرتيني في تخرجي
لووول على الأردنية

المهم إنك تخرجتي
وألف مبارك عليكي
وتقدري تحققي أحلامك وتكون هاي الخطوة الأولى في طريقك

Saleh said...

و هاي كمان مرة: ألف مليون مبروك

الكيل بمكيالين said...

ألف مبروك يا حلو..
يوم التخرج حلو كتير.. بتذكر يوم تخرجي كان ممتع و وين ما اتطلعتي بتشوفي الناس فرحانة وبتضحك من قلبها.. ذكرى حلوة ولو كان فيها شوية ورم لأصابعك :)
الصورة حلوة كتير :)
ألف مبروك

Hana said...

ana btzkr eni 7ktlik ro7i o enu 3njd 7elo, so u r welcome :P lol
mabroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooook o minha ll akbr ya rab :)
bl nesbeh ll heels al2'3lb b'3lt hay al '3ltah o i bet enk r7 t3edha fi al wedding day :P
btw al pix kteer 7lween :)
mabrooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooook again & again :D

د/دودى said...

مشهد النهايه سدل على الحدوته ...اكيد لحظه مؤلمه لكنها خط النهايه لعداء تعب من جريه

ملحوظه : تخرج طالب الطب هو اسوء تخرج نظرا لان طالب الطب عمره ما بيتخرج نظرا لانه طول عمره بيفضل يدرس و ده احساس شديد الازعاج

rose water said...

MABROOK dear sister!!! :D I am so happy for you and you looked so lovely! Masha'Allah :)

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...


Ehab said...

Alf mabrook. Anhaf eshi enno medical students used to graduate in modaraj al hassan till this year...

Enjoy... :)

UmmOmar said...

وين الحلوااااااااان؟؟

sozan said...

انا هلا مثل ام عمر وين الحلوان شو هاد تخرج مش لعبه:)
مبروك ذكرتيني بالذي مضى ايام ما أحلاها ما اجمل الجامعه وأيامها ومتل ما حكت نيسونه رح تكتبي عن الجامعه لنا تفتقدي الحياة هناك!

UmmOmar said...

وهيه إمطنشانا رسمي, رسسسسسسسسسسسسمي

Rain said...

looool allah ybarek feeky again and again!!
thanks 3asool :*

أهلا و عليكم السلام
تسلم الله يسعدك يا رب
و نشالله تتخرج و تصير أحسن دكتور

Yeah you're right,how can I stop posting about YOU? looool

msh b2ollek ya retny shab? :(

thanks 7beebty you're so sweet <3

♥●• Izdiher·•●♥
en sha allah
thanks lovely

thnx susu
hugs and kisses

I can't wait either but it just won't start!! :@
thanks you 3asool xoxoxo

شكرا و الله يبارك فيكي يا رب
يلا توكلنا على الله

يبارك فيك يا رب

جد كان من احلى ايام حياتي
شكرا كيكي الله يبارك فيكي يا رب

LOOOL yes you did and thank you
I doubt the thing about wedding bs ok!lol
thaaaaaaaanks 3asool :*

لا صراحة الله يعينهم الطب عمرهم ما بيبطلوا يدرسوا!
شكرا دودي

rose water
thanks a lot sweetie <3


looool they did that this year to make us feel like crap didn't they
thanks a lot allah yese3dak

ما في الك انتي

انتي الك حلوان بس أم عمر لأ

الله يبارك فيكي يا رب

Bullet said...

الله عليكِ
رجعتيني تقريبا 5 شهور لوراء لأيام التخرج
الله يوفقك يارب ويحقق أحلامك
بس شدي همتك
(F) :*