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Monday, July 4, 2011
Well first I'd like to say sorry for not being around for the last week or so,it's not just writer's block but different things are all happening at once and I'm trying to keep up..
Second my friend Toto  promised an article about our topic this month المعاكسات
waino ya toto :@

Third which is what I wanna talk about well...
The other day I was a t a wedding,it was very normal...the usual boring type with cake cutting and slow dancing and casual gossip..
But I was watching the bride and groom dancing when a thought suddenly struck me..what a stupid thing to do!! how would I feel if I was supposed to dance and do this stuff while people are watching...I mean most of them are people I wouldn't even know!
It is so lame that I suddenly got embarrassed for the sake of the bride!
The original purpose of a wedding used to be simply letting people  know that you are getting married to this person,but now it's just a routine...a stupid pathetic imitation of what used to be innocent,simple and elegant..
People no longer do things because of a certain good purposes..they do them because they're supposed to,which is something else I wanna talk about later..

That's not the only thing that bothers me at weddings,bu that was yet a new discovery!..


UmmOmar said...


وخلي بعض ناس" تكاتره" إتطق وإتموت كماناه

lolo said...

bt3rfe ya rain eno ana sert kter mbsota when i read this.. u know why, 3ashn sert 7asse eno fe 7d bfakker zayee. ana tool 3mre bafakker heik w i decided eno ma bde a3ml had el show el ahbal 3ashn howe lazem yn3aml this way then i decided eno bde a3ml my wedding mo hiek, bs simply 3asha lal 3eilten fe makan mrattab w balash kol had el habal wel flos e7na awla feha bn7otHom 3ala flos el honeymoon...
had kan part el a7lam, neje lal waqe3 :)
hal2 lama sar wa2t el jad ma 2blo el jma3a al sho bdhom yfra7o be ebnhom (w ana aser forje looooooool) w 7assasony ene odd eno m32ol fe bnt fel denia ma bdha 7fle!!
w sarat el 7fle :)
bs 3ashn ma n3a22ed el mwdo3 zyade, howe msh that bad w el 3aros btkon mbsota be kol el a7wal coz howe something u do once fel 7aya so u have to enjoy it. w jd m3 ene knt bashofo habal (and still) bs ma knt ra7 a3rf eno jd 7elo w ma ra7 t7esse be kol hadol el nas elle 7waleke, u can simply create ur own view during the celebration.. a view feha bs ente and ur man.. (and shofe ba2e el view fel video later looooooool)
i hope that u got my point

orangee said...

انت مش طبيعية .....:))) صرت يمكن شي ثلاث مرات لاقطيتك ببوستات تلاقي بالافكار هههههه بكون بدي أنزل موضوع وبلاقيكي كاتبه عنه فببطل لوووووول بس هادا لاااااااا راح أنزله أكيد لإنو أنا كماااااان بكره التقاليد هاي

Ehab said...

Hehe jad nahfeh, wala met5ayyel 7ali ba3mal eshi zay heik, 7assis bel 5ajal min hassa!

Rain said...

waino el taktoor n'3eezo shwai

looooooooooool @ and shofe ba2e el view fel video later
You know what?you might actually have a point,like I didn't think my graduation would be fun but it was so wt do u know right?
thanks! :D

في بيناتنا تواصل ذهني
لازم نستغلو مشان نقضي على هيثم الشيشاني

Waiting for ur input :)

LOOOOOOOL w ana kmaaaaaaaan! ino jd msh 2adreh at5aiial 7ali haik 5soosy ino ra2sy mo3aaaaaaaaq