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Sunday, July 10, 2011
Yup,done with my first day at work .... this quickly!
It was fun! of course except for the part where we were locked out for half an our outside this morning!!
Translation is fun,and the people there all seem too nice to be true lol it's like I'm in Niceville or something!
I don't know why I thought there would be a bunch of other new people,there was only me and another guy,but I was glad I wasn't the only new one anyway :)

Oh and guess what,the team leader(a sweetheart) was talking about something when she said all of a sudden "Yeah my cousin came back from Khamees Mshait the other day" so I was like "is your cousin's name Alaa?' and she was like"How the heck did you know 0_O" and I said "Is her husband called Haitham Al-Sheeshany and their daughter Hiyam" and so yeah...I work with your wife's cousin Haitham! LOL what a friggin' small world sa77?

I was done and then I took a driving lesson (yes I'm training again!)
And now I literally cannot move me legs,I got used to sitting and doing nothing,I even got used to not wearing hijab so my ears are killing me too...

Guess I'll get some sleep now,wish me luck! 


Wafa' said...

Small world indeed :)

And congratulations on your first day at work, inshaAllah millions more to come and they are all as fun :)

White Freedom said...

very small world XD
happy you like your job and good luck with the driving lesson :}

Saleh said...


شفتي الصدف؟! هَيْ طلع في واحد ثاني إسمه هيثم الشيشاني و مرته إسمها آلاء و عندهم بنت إسمها هيام و كانوا في خميس مشيط

ʝusᴛ❤ʝᴇss said...

:D congrats.
It scares me at how small this world is...
I started working in a new bakery in a new town and it turns out I went to school/worked with my cake mentor's niece xDD
Wherever I go in my life I'm connected to people some how.
It's a nice thing for sure :-)

sozan said...

It's small world !
Congratulations for your new job:) have fun learn how to drive!

UmmOmar said...

ينطيكي العافيه,, وبعينك الله ع السواقه

بدنا نتوسط عندك عشان تصيري تنقلي شكاوينا لايف ل عيله هيشم,, إبليز

Aseel said...

:) so happy for you Rain, see I told you the best is yet to come. w inshaAllah more amazing things are yet to come! :) keep up the good spirit :)

naysan said...

good luck ya 2mar.

its a small world indeed,especially in Jordan"where wherever you go there is someone knows somebody you know"

Mohammad said...

mabrook el shoghol el jdeed :)

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

مبروووووووووووووك رينو :)
u survived the 1st day

صالح و لفيف من الآخرين كانوا متراهنين إنك حتبكي و تروحي بس أنا منت رئيس فريق المشجعين للإلك


بالتوفيق في السواقة و جد عالم صغير :))))

Dr. N said...

I love successful-first-day-at-work because it sits the tone for the following period.
Working with Haitham wife's cousin is one heck of a coincidence, but a nice one.
Good luck with your driving training. We started teaching my daughter for the practical exam.
Good luck ya batta :)
BTW, hon fe america ma fe ka3ek :( ta5di bagel badalo ;P

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

مهو شكلو حيكون سلاح ذو حدين!
يا بنصير صحبة انا و رينو يا إنو أسافين مني لمديرتها
و بالعكس :P

Devil's Mind said...

Bit late, but mabrook, alf mabrook :)

Whisper said...

يا سلاااااااااااام...يا محاسن الصدف

اطلبي منها رقم الاء ...من زمااااان و انا بدور عليه :)

Whisper said...

صحيح...لمّا مميتي كانت هون طلعنا انا وهي نتغدى لحالنا و قضينا يوم كامل بجنن و بالمحل حطو اغنيه
Chasing Pavements
تذكرتك ...

هالاغنيه حبيتها من اول ما سمعتها عندك و هلأ صار الها معزه زياده عندي لانها صارت تذكرني بهداك اليوم و بمميتي :)

Bullet said...

بس ألف ألف ألف مبروووووووووووك
ومنها للأحسن يا قمر
وبتستاهلي كل خير والله
متعب الشغل بس بكرا بتتعودي
خصوصا انو مجال شغلك حلو كتييير
فا شدي همتك

خدي :

Rain said...

Thank you so much everyone and sorry for the late reply!