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Monday, July 4, 2011

I don't know why,but I dream a lot..and by a lot I mean I have at least a couple of dreams when I'm napping for an hour in the middle of the day...and the thing is I remember ALL my dreams..very clearly and intensively,no clue why..

Anyway,I noticed a while ago that some dreams and nightmares of mine repeat themselves every once in a while..especially nightmares..in fact I noticed that I have two main nightmares that always repeat themselves

One of them is the one I had last night,and woke up very happy that it was not real..I dreamed that I was out in the night..I was lost and I did not know how to go home..all I was thinking was how to get home to my family,I was so worried and sad that they might be mad at me..

I was thinking that that is basically my biggest fear..to let my mom and dad down..or to lose them,that's why I keep having that horrible nightmare..

It is strange when you think about your dreams,even if they're weird...some times they make a LOT of sense.

PS LOL @ Freddy Kruger...he used to scare the crap out of me when I was little!


Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

dreams are .. weird . period.

repeated dreams are even ,,, [insert word here]


4 a month I keep dreaming we run into an accident + the plane cr$z !!!

lolo said...

i read once that dreams reflect ur subconscious..
it feels great when u try to wake up hoping that it is a dream w t6la3 jd dream..
as for me, ana badal a7lam eno ppl i love mato :( and really i feel all the sadness and bitterness just like it is real.. w badal mtzakre kol she lama a7sa, sadly.. so badal fe bad mood tool el youm..

ماشي بنور الله said...

انا لست جيدا في اللغة الانجليزية
ولكن بعد عناء تجربة ترجمة جوجل
قمت بتكوين فكرة عامة عن موضوعك
في القديم كانوا يقولون لنا اذا استيقظت من النوم فلا تحكي أحلامك السيئة

لم أعرف ابدا المغزي من ذلك
عموما اتمني لك احلام اكثر سعادة
تحية وتقدير

Rain said...

بعيد الشر
ممكن انت خايف على عيلتك و حاسس بالمسؤولية اتجاههم ببساطة؟
الله يحفظكم و يخليكم لبعض

يا الله شو بكره هالحلم
هاد هو كابوسي التاني أنا
الله لا يبتلينا

ماشي بنور الله
أعتذر ان كان اي شيء غير مفهم أنا في الخدمة لتوصيل الفكرة

يقال ان رواية الاحلام يتسبب بوقوعها
لكن انا لا أؤمن بذلك و الله أعلم
شكرا لحضورك

lil-bee said...

Hey Rain! I love your blog's layout :D

Yeah I've had weird crazy dreams ever since I was a kid, and I always remember them :P

When I was a kid, I'd have a lot of deja vu dreams, where I'd go somewhere or do something, and than end up going there or doing that in real life.

Now though, I don't have those dreams anymore .. or (probably more likely), I don't remember those dreams, but sometimes I'm doing something and I get the feeling that I've done it before :O

Ah, I'm trying not to write a mini-post in the blog, but I gotta tell you: I have some recurring dreams, where its like I have part 1, and than part 2 the next day or a few days / weeks / months later and than the same for part 3 :P oh, and I'd have some scary snake dream quite a few times, especially when I'd feel guilty or something.

But I always try and read some surahs and dorood before going to sleep.

Also, bad dreams are said to come from Shaitan and we shouldn't repeat them to others?

Anyway, I'm just glad those dreams have stopped alhamdullilah, as for the weird multiple dreams I have every night, they are entertaining :P