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I long for freedom, and when I get it, I don't know what I'm going to do with it, but I will surely be happy.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Yes it is :) I had no clue and I was gonna post about something entirely irrelevant and random...I'm glad I didn't!

There is a lot on my mind to write about,but words are failing me,I'm too sad and angry to write about it,I hate that my tears have become so easy to fall these days,I feel silly and too melodramatic!

I wish I had something nice to talk about in my 500th post,I am happy about my new life although I'm missing the old-staring the ceiling all the time-me,I guess the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence..

And to keep the tradition of posting something I deeply love every 100 posts,I choose to post this song

Good night :)


w7l said...

Loooool at staring at ceiling :) but hey! U can stare at ur new office ceiling !

Wafa' said...

congratulations and 3oqbal the 1000000 one, hmmm, do you think you can post a 1000000 post !! ;) lol

missed you posts, but glad that life is better than staring at the ceiling right now :)

ΣcoŞan said...

cong.s ,,,, lots and lots of work .. :P

nshallah by the 10000 posts, u'll have a better hobby than staring at the ceiling .. :sofera:

abuelsharif said...

Awal eishi congrats we felizidades :D
Tani Eishi i believe, ino life is what you make it!

So, make the good memories strength you, and keep on smiling!


Rain said...

I checked they told me I cant

Sure I can sho wrana LOL
I miss you too 2mr!enshallah I'll be back w b qoweh:DDD

loooool thanks I guess!

thankssssssssss amigo
I will enshallah,thanks :))