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Friday, July 29, 2011
I'm very Sheldon Cooper at it,I'm often unintentionally rude and inconsiderate to people when it comes to social courtesy,I don't know if I have to visit them,do I have to call? am I supposed to do something!?...and that's horrible I know,especially in a society like ours.

But,I found that those who truly love me do not need any proof to know I love them and always think of them...second I decided that not all people are worth it,so I don't have to be all worked up about calling them or paying them a visit,I simply don't feel like it,and if I'm practically forcing myself to do that for them then do I really like them or want them in my life? how come when I do these gestures for other people it's easy and comfortable?

After graduation ,and since I almost immediately found a job,it has become even more difficult and uneasy,but I'm sorry...I won't worry about it no more,I just think if we're friends enough and truly we wouldn't need to go through all of that trouble..

I know that's probably wrong,but I really don't care anymore,because once upon a time people did these things because they really cared about each other,now it's just fake. 


Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

welcome th post-uni world :)

it`s all fake as u said raino, we r busy lifING! know what I mean ..

Hana said...

welcome to the world !! the real world :) i always say friendship comes and goes y3ni kol step b7yatk elha as7ab mo5tlfeen l2nu ente btt'3eri o al kol bt'3er so ma t7awli tdli m3 al s7bat aly ente o ayhom t'3erto o btlto tnasbo b3d ( 7eloh tnasbo b3d :p ) anyway asdi a7kilk enu normal had al sh3or :)

EvaLuna said...

Sometimes its childish to stick to the same group of people for ever. Sometimes its nice to see dear faces ,,, sometimes its good to be alone , El mohem be friends with God and he with his omniscient knowledge will guide you to keeping those who focus the light on the best in you.

P.S:Keef o ana ahajji Omniscient la7ali?

Becky said...

Just stick to what you know is right for you.

Rain said...

thanks everyone for stopping by :)
Toto:7areegah enty