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Wednesday, July 6, 2011
Muslims out there,watch this and tell me what you think,I'm interested to know ..


Aseel said...

mmmm, i know my answer is going to shock who think im way too open minded.. but I'm conservative in the heart. The Quran directly addressed the boyfriend/girlfriend issue: "{ولا متخذات أخدان}"

plain and simple..

الأخدان is taking a boyfriend behind people's eyes.

BUT w hooon marbat el faras: if a guy actually likes a girl enough to want to get to know her with the intention of marrying her, then propose properly to her through her family. Islam did not oppose "al khutba" in the presence of her family with a true intention of marriage. This phase before marriage, before katb el ktab, will allow both get to know each other well enough to make the decision of going forward with marriage or not.. People are now more aware of that. More people are giving their sons and daughters time during khutba-before katb el ktab wel jaha wel 7arakat hade- in order to get to know each other. HOWEVER, khutba doesnt mean 5uuuuud raa7taaaak! no one misinterpret my words.. it is important that the intention and the "day" are out spoken.

tieb, even if a girl wants a boyfriend or has one, would she stay with him if he didnt name the day! no.

That being said, Im not projecting my personal views on the matter to others.. elle be7eb e7eb w seertel 7ub howe 7urr be 7alo.. bs as i stated in one of my posts, the concept of love is abused and consumed by marketing people. so make sure you straighten up your thoughts about it :)

ma3 enno had elle beseer now.. but as a good friend once told me, kullo 100% naseeeeeeeb so dont over think about it or do what you dont feel is right :)

as of "he is just a friend" or like "a brother".. y3ne agree and disagree.. it will only end with lots of drama if one of them isnt honest. but its not always bad. good relationships have been among the prophet companions men and women. they were all clear and made sure to avoid any sort of suspicion. yet again, both have to be honest and clear and know the borders of normal man-woman interactions.

mashe? bukra will reread and re-listen to 3ashan ana halla2 on a hurry salaaaams...

Rain said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOL Asooooooool I can't imagine how much you could have written if you were not in a hurry!!!! XD


Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

I hated him! 7or ana

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

eish malo l blogger!

well, I hope this comment sees the light ,,
[haram relationship] ,, enough said :)

Aseel said...

hahahaha!! btet5awwate! halla shuft commentek :p bawarjeeke!! la bs te3refe eshe. personally, this is something I was torn apart... le2anno you know it is 7aram so deep inside you dont feel right about it.. but everyone else around you does with ease... and then they tell you if "elneyyeh" saleemeh ezan mesh 7aram w eza btetla3o 2uddam el3alam welnas zay el mu7tarameen mesh 7aram. w eza ma bte7ko wala bte3malo eshe 7aram ezan mesh 7aram.. elwa7ad battal ye3ref esh el7aram men kutr elfatawe mashaAllah.. bs still.. "Ella An taqolo qawlan ma3rofan" w "la tuwa3edohunna serran".. ma3lesh ana ma 3ende keyboard 3arabe w ma 7attet men wain el eqtebas. allah esame7ne

bel akher kul wa7ad be3mel elle berta7lo. ana ma ba7kum 3ala 7ada le2anno law kunt bemakanhum ma bede 7ada yu7kum 3alay. kul wa7ad bejtaneb el 7aram betaree2to w 7asab ma howe shayef.. allah a3lam bel neiat.. inshaAllah khair.

feh she tane khatarle: halla2 Baba Ali lives in the west.. There the definition of gf/bf is totally different than our middle eastern version.

ba3dain lazem tushkureene! ma 7ada 3abbarek 3'ere LOOOL

Abir Ibrahim said...

First of all I love baba Ali's sense of humor. But it's very clear in the Quran in regards this issue, it's really hard to be friends with the opposite sex without catching feelings for them..