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I long for freedom, and when I get it, I don't know what I'm going to do with it, but I will surely be happy.

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Monday, August 8, 2011
I miss being me,I haven't been me for such a long time!
I don't know if I'm really happy anymore.


Dr. N said...

Well, you have a beautiful picture there with hope and happiness in your eyes...unless I can be fooled by a cute smiles like yours.
Cheer up 7abibti, look at the full half of the cup. xoxo

lil-bee said...


LUNAR. said...

Do Whatever You Want In Your Life, But Don't You EVER Quit Doing Anything That Makes You Happy.

Photography, Hanging Out Here Or There, Going To Movies, Anything ...

Good Luck.

-=¤§ آس §¤=- said...

You'll find yourself in a near place.
the happiness found inside you, you should get it out to feel it.

Euphoria said...

If you're alive inside every day a new rain is going to be born..

Don't miss the old one and don't wait the new one just enjoy each part of your conversion...

You will definitely be Happy ^_^

This frustration is temporary you will leave it behind very soon..
Just Keep your spirit up..
BTW : I like your personality & spirit girl ;D

sozan said...

مشاغل الحياة تاخذ الانسان لكن لا تسمحي لها الشي يصير لانه هلا انت في مرحلة عائشة لنفسك فعيشي واستمتعي واعملي اللي بدك إياه لانه اليوم اللي بيروح ما بييجي غيره!

Abuelsharif said...

Easy...if you wake up and find yourself not yourself...stop and be yourself...Awesome!


d3mha said...

u must be u 2 be happy :) noway otherwise
wish u happiness

naysan said...

i miss you also,so stop growing up please.

Rain said...

I'm really happy right now,and that pic was on my graduation day so yeah I was happy hehe
I miss youuuuu Nilly,how are you?<3

Hello there :) don't worry I'm happy now hehe

enshallah I'll never give up who I am
thanks abu zaina :))

-=¤§ آس §¤=-
You were right I did :))

thanks 3asool for the sweet words
al 7amd l allah I am happy :)

I like your personality more wallah :DD ;)

very true,thank you

True story

thanks :))

betsad2y enny raddait 3al comments mshan arod 3laiky bs?I miss you SO much too and I wish I knew your number or something I feel bad about not being by your side lately:(
I know I wanna stop growing up too :((

naysan said...

الله يسلم شانك يا رب

believe it or not you have been there for me in someway,maybe i didn't hear your voice but i felt it,thanks a lot precious one.
so stop worrying about me,i am solid as rock!

i have been reading your last posts and felt sad for the depressed mood you were in,,,
all i need from you now is the childish spontaneity,,,just pop out the words and write without any concerns and never let maturity signs take control on your actions...you are loved, accepted and cherished just the way you are,,,that's what i meant by saying earlier stop growing up please.