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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I sometimes wish I was blogging anonymously still,I wish I could feel about my blog..the same that I felt when I first started it...it was really my diary,and I didn't think twice before posting anything..

Now that most of my followers know me by name I can hardly be called anonymous,I have to do some thinking before writing what I wanna write...maybe some coding..some ambiguity would do the job...but no it's not the same
I'm not free to spell it out like I used to,my blog isn't the place for me to get better anymore,and it frustrates me the most that it feels fake...it has always been my honest space,but if I cannot write about what I truly feel and think of then what's the point?

I'm going to be away for a while(not that I've been really there!) but I'm gonna be away from my blog too...just until it has its meaning for me again.

Have a happy Ramadan and Eid in advance,and pray for me please!


w7l said...

Wish u will feel better soon .

ΣcoŞan said...

like w7l said ..
wish u'll feel better soon ..
it'll be always a pleasure to read in ur blog :)

Zeinab said...

I enjoy reading your blog entries, and knowing you by name only makes you more human.

Feel better and find a space where you're most comfortable to express or release your thoughts, feelings, hopes, despair, without fear of judgement.

EvaLuna said...


Wafa' said...

I know how you feel, so many times my friends and some family members wanted me to give them the url to my blog, but i can not and wont. It wont be me, i would be extra careful to say a single thing and that wont help.
Yes, I have a name there like you here but i am still anonymous so i understand the frustration you feel.
Maybe being away for a while will help bringing you back.

Take care and wish you the best...
but do visit us all and let's this one open, no matter what :)

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

:( <=== 2ah, this is my thought..

alirbidi said...

نفس اللي بفكر فيه
لذلك معتبر نفسي في إجازة إلى إشعار أخر

نورنياتي said...

امركم غريب عجيب
ولك مابعرفك دراما كوين لهلدرجة؟

د/دودى said...

انا بذات عارفه احساسك بالظبط...على الرغم من سعادتى بان مدونتى بقى فيها متابعين و ناس جديده بقوا صحابى اعرفهم و يعرفونى لكن احساس ان المدونه فاضيه زى المذكرات تكتب فيها اللى يجى فى دماغك كانك بتكلمى نفسك فيه طعم مختلف بغض النظر عن فكره تحضير ما يعجب القارئ

Hana said...

;( I miss ur blog and just now when I'm back u saying u'll be away !! I hope u'll feel better soon & honey u can express ur self with out worry about ppl coz u have the right to be who u r and the ppl who love u will still love no matter what and maybe even if the other ppl didn't like what u think , still maybe u can change sth in their thinking

Abir I. said...

Exactly. I kind of feel the same way with my blog. At first it was my get away, my isolated corner from judging eyes and the world. But now, i feel I have to pretend of hold back because of people's expectations. It no longer makes me feel better anymore, so what I did was take a break for a long time and contemplating if I want to stick around or just delete it. So hopefully you will find what makes you happy.

' Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Sσrℓisค ... , said...

I also have the same situation. As much as I want to share my thoughts and happenings in my life with so many cool bloggers and awesome people out there, I don't want to be too exposed and I keep a barrier to make sure that I keep some sort of anonymity. I feel that it's best that way and got used to blogging in that fashion =)