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Monday, September 12, 2011

    • A message from Toto this morning said:
      "u r unbelievable!! No new Blog entry!!!"

      So here is one; a blog entry about a meal with flies, a full hour long walk in the sun looking for an office...and a moment on the sidewalk...a moment of sudden and complete relief!

      Have a good day
      Have a great day 


وجع البنفسج said...

مريت من هنا وقلت ارمي السلام ..

يسعدلي مساءك يارب

EvaLuna said...

I changed my mind. October 6th will keep on being Yom Eshagfat El3alami , September 12th o the other hand is gonna be ''Magical Sidewalk Day'' ... Yes3ed Allah

w7l said...

the pic above is it saraseer ? not that kind of saraseer but the other kind !

EvaLuna said...

Sara u r unbelievable!! Only one blog entry :loool:

Rain said...

وجع البنفسج
Welcome :)

September 11th not 12th :))) (lol)

yup yup:)