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Friday, September 9, 2011
My aunt's husband passed away a couple of months ago,and she's been through a very hard time lately,but al hamd l allah she's better now,and my mother and aunts are by her side,keeping her company and support..

Today my mom decided to go to her house and cook her something nice,just to make her feel better and spend the day there. I sat with my mom and two aunts and listened to them catching up,talking about the good old days..their childhood,their school days,their parents -may they rest in peace- and I was thinking that it is really beautiful to have someone to remember these things with,and that you only get to do that with a brother or a sister..

I might be different from my sisters,I never seem to fit in with them at any level,they always make fun of me for being different as they say...but it doesn't matter,because I know that what I have with them is bigger,and that I'll love them no matter how much I feel like an outsider and no matter how much they make fun of me,because I know that when I grow old and weak,and when I need someone by my side...they'll stop by and cook something nice for me.


Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

الله يصبرها لخالتك و عظم الله أجركم

the bond we have w brothers/sisters is a great one indeed, no question.
I guess it shows whenever something occurs , know what I mean.... the feelings r there but we don`t "expose" them till they r needed, may be just may be we presume and take it for granted ,,, enno a5oy/o5ty had/hay... akeed b7ibbi/ha o biddy l 5air la ilo/ilha


UmmOmar said...

مفيش أصدق من علاقة الأخوات مع بعض
ع قد ما بتتطاوشو,, ع قد ما بتحبو بعض

lolo said...

Allah yer7amo zouj 5altek..

really sisters ma fe zyhom fel denia.. this is the only reason why I might consider having another baby :) i can't imagine my life without my sisters and ma bde my daughetr to live without sisters...

although our mom has always been our best friend, sometimes there are things u cant tell ur mom about just because u dont want her to be worried about u.. i mean bekaffeha elle feha.. 3ashn heik sisters are there :)

allah y5allele eyahom.. w y5allelek ur sisters kaman

Hana said...

اول شي الله يرحم زوج خالتك ويغفرلوا ويصبر ويعين خالتك
وعظم الله اجركم

تاني شي علاقة الاخوات كتير حلوة .. انا بالنسبة الي ما بتخيل كيف ممكن اعيش من غير اخواتي وبتخيل انو علاقتنا رح ضل هيك قوية وحلوة وممتعه دائما (يارب امين)

Rain said...

thank you everyone for your sweet words and comments :)