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Tuesday, November 22, 2011
I suck big time at driving :( I've been driving my new car for three days now..can't drive alone so I always ask my brother to come with me..but I suck sooo much I don't know why,when I was still training I swear I was way better, I almost crashed 3 sidewalks today, and almost made 4-5 accidents, and I'm pretty sure lots of people hated my guts and called me names :( PS sorry guy at Waha circle I didn't mean to freak you the hell out after you let me through :(
I hope I'll get better with time, but right now I suck so if you see me on the street..run Forest run!


LUNAR. said...

اولها صعبة
بعدين بتسلك , ما تقلقي كثير

EvaLuna said...

Run forest run looool hehehehe

give it time ya5ti , y3ni homme ely fel share3 enwalado shoferyye? yro7o yaklo hawa ,,, U R ZA best he3

Dalia Starwalker said...

lol, just the excitement making its way around you... it'll take time to get used to it.. I wish I had my own car :D

Aseel said...

LOL!! you will get better with time :) i used to go out too early in the morning and drive my car so i can get used to its dimensions that helped me a lot.. dont worry about others we always had our first few times and we all sucked at it :) inshaAllah you will get better dont worry

w7l said...

we all suck at first, i hit my dad cars several times when i started to drive, nothing serious though, but still we all learn it the hard way, and el 7al ino ma n5af o ndal n7awel :)

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

well, u r a "she" aren`t ya,,

نيسان said...

you will have the hang of it eventually ,
maybe you're getting more nervous by the presence of you brother !

lol on run forest run , my best movie ever.

UmmOmar said...

run Forest run! Looooooooooool

هيه أولها زنخه وبايخه وبتخوف
كلها أول ميت سنه وبتهون

UmmOmar said...

هلأ قرأت كومنتات الناس التانيه
ومن هلأ
سيبك من اللي بتحكي عنك
وعشان هيك سواققتك فاشله
إزا بيعملو إحصائيه بلاقو النسوان أقل حوادث منهم
لإنه ع الأقليه عنا اولويات المرور أكتر منهم

نفخة ريش ع الفاضي
فليسط الهيشم,, يسقط,, يسقط

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

لن أسقط!

lil-bee said...

I'm the same! I was SO good when I was learning and now I've forgotten everything :O I think its because you are in the car all alone for the first time, no one helping you out .. its scary! I get too hyped up and make mistakes cos I'm rushing cos I think everyone is getting annoyed :O

I think the secret is to just relax and take it easy :D

Rain said...

انشالله خير يا رب

بيحسسوني هيك الصراحة لول
فرصة اخدك فورأ رايد قريبا :)

Dalia Starwalker
yeah I guess I'm just nervous
hope u get a car soon :)

ya rb!
ana 7abbeh atla3 bakeer bs I'll end up a3deh m3 el morasel fel mktb so..:P
thanks 7beeby :*

inshallah :) thanks

No comment!

sra7a I started to think ino ah momkin my bro is getting me nervous
I guess we will find out next week b ma ino 6agga3li!
thank naisaneh :*

I don't suck cause I'm a girl I suck because I'm driving for the first time in my life hada wa7d,tnain people keep telling me I'm suuposed to suck cause I'm a girl
bs ana 7areega bafarjeekom
ra7 ad3skom kolkom :mad:

yes I think so too cause I started making silly mistakes because I'm so nervous!

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

لا و الله مغلبة حالك معي!
قال لا تعليق قال!