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Tuesday, November 8, 2011
I love Ahmad Helmy and his movies, but this movie really surprised me..in a good way, despite the fact that the story is not really original (based on the American movie Groundhog Day)
In short the story is about empathy, patience, looking at things from the other point of view, and giving others the chance to prove what they are all about..to give them the benefit of the doubt instead of judging them
And although he learned it the hard way, Ahmad learns to think about his family more and consider their' feelings.

Remember to love, to give before you take, otherwise your life will end up to be a broken record of failure and misery.

Good movie with such a sad ending
ما أعظم أن تكون غائباً حاضراً بدل أن تكون حاضراً غائباً


Finalway said...

this due the only reason in world makes me watch Arab movies , he's rocks

Rain said...

3n jd :)

♥●• İzdiher •●♥ said...

At least you peeps(Jordan) making movies .Not like us.

UmmOmar said...

لمى تلخص الفلم بجملتك الأخيره,, كانت دموعي سكابا يا دموع العين سكابا

الفكره إنك تتطلع ع واقعك من عين تانيه ,, وتتأنى قبل ما تحكم ع البشر,, ولا تنصب حالك إلــه عليهم

حبيته,, وكل مره بحضره كإنه أول مره

Rain said...

♥●• İzdiher •●♥
Sorry to disappoint you but this movie is Egyptian :P lol
Where are you from?

Um Omar
jd w ana kman T_T
I wish it had a happy ending :c2:

UmmOmar said...

بوعدك إزا متت قبلك إني أكتب إنه
وكانت نهايتها سعيده

طولة العمر إلك يا بطه لوووول

مش قادر أقدر أستطيع