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Friday, December 2, 2011
Yes yes I get have a say on driving too now since I'm experiencing it for real!
Well I've been driving for a weak by myself, and it's not much since I only drive between home an work, but since I work in one of the most crowded places  in Amman, and live in one of the most dangerous places (traffic wise) I think I could say a thing or two...

Well, people are mean...they are so mean! god! I really did have faith in humanity until now! why are they like that? why don't they let you through? why can't they even let an old lady through?!!!! 0_O seriously I did not realize how much scumbags are out there till now :(

When I got my car I was like thank god! I will get red of cabs for good now! but little did I know..cabs were going to bug me still..you know how cab drivers act? they're like oh oh oh I'm not entirely shoving my car into the road, I'm just scaring you so you can slow down and let me through whether you like it or not...and by the way I will never ever let you through in return even though you're doing it right :)

But still cab drivers are not the worst(believe it or not!) the worst are those who speed and brag about it,they consider it a sign of manhood or whatever(losers!)...those reckless nutcases out there, I hate them and always pray the police will catch them and make them regret it..

One last thing...when men(or even girls sometimes) see that the driver is a girl they tend to first blame her for whatever happened anyway..and second scare her out of their way...talk about sexists..

And yes I already scratched my car once :(  and hit the sidewalk a little bit :( but all in all I'm getting used to it, and I'm looking out for those cabs and those crazy drivers, w inshallah 5air :)


Aseel said...

Morals are put aside when we are behind the wheels.. unfortunately! and you are right in every word.. its just stressing to drive your car in the streets :( dont worry about the scratch you can wipe it off :)

drive safely Rain and never mind anything else ;)

Rain said...

I will enshallah, lw tshoofy ad ma batwattar w ana bsoo2 bs atfy el saiiara bkoon mkassara LOOOL

Thanks asool :*

kinzi said...

Happy driving! I have learned a good trick not to get mad at the crazies out there: prayer. "Dear Lord, please help than man get home to safety before he kills anyone...unless a minor accident would teach him a lesson!"

Rain said...

Here is a better prayer: "Please god let a police car spot them right now and give them one hell of a speeding ticket so that they won't do it again...and a minor accident would not be a bad idea as well :)"

Thanks Kinzi ;D