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Thursday, December 15, 2011
I'm not happy with my job, there, I finally said it
I've been applying for other jobs for some time now and didn't find anything yet.
It's just way too boring, no challenges, no changes, and to top it all the atmosphere is waaaay too unprofessional, things are always messy and people blame each other, not trust and no positive feelings
I would say the only positive thing about it for me right now is that it has become my comfort zone..but who said I want that ?? I wanna move on, change, experience!
And now that they're asking us to do overtime (for nothing,and not even something related to my job as a translator) it is just the last straw for me...I'm really considering quitting..I hope I'll find another job soon because this is making me so frustrated :@
Pray for me



د/دودى said...

اوعى تستقيلى بجد...الناس واخده فكره عن البنات اننا بنشتغل للمتعه و احنا بنحاول نثبت لهم انهم غلط..اجمدى كده و حاولى تستحملى بس احذرى من انك مع الوقت تعملى زى التصرفات اللى بكرهيها...ربنا معاكى:)

Dreamy Villager said...

I'm going to tell you to do the opposite of what dody said. I believe I know what you are talking about. I love my job but I hate the people..they make the day awful at work..too many شلل ومؤامرات ..no challenges and no respect..but now i'm too coward to look for another one, and I'm afraid of the change and getting to be used to another environment..so I'm taking the safe side by doing nothing.. except for small moves from while to while.

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...


أوكي ...
هذا لا يساعد، آسف

و لكن دليني على 10 أشخاص مرتاحين في وظائفهم بنسبة 80+
في الأردن!

الكل يبحث عن شيء "ما" جديد ... على مبدأ لعلّ و عسى

اللي بيشوف العاطل عن العمل بتهون عليه مصايب عمله :)

إن شاء الله خير

Becky said...

I'm sorry to hear this, I hope things get better soon one way or the other :)

lil-bee said...


Really glad you've decided to do something about the situation. I know people who've spent years dealing with it and nothing to show for it. Its better for you to enjoy work than hate every moment by staying where you are .. and its better late than never.

Good luck! All I'll say is, just don't quit till you find another job :P

Rain said...

Thanks everyone for the advice you are all just so awesome <3