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Sunday, December 25, 2011
Serenity is defined as this in the dictionary: "The state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled"
Photo taken by W7l

Easy and simple right? but it is hard to put what you feel in a formal concise definition in the dictionary, it is different  to feel it than to say it..
For me serenity is when you're finally in peace with yourself...peace you haven't felt since you were a child in your mother's arms, it is the state of complete and utter conviction in something...in your destiny and where you are heading, to find out what truly matters in life and what you truly wish for..
To be so close to answering all the questions you had...because in reality they all have one simple answer
To be able to picture yourself old and happy...still as peaceful and warm as you always were..
To see what God meant with all of what happened in the past, and to have faith in what he is planning for tomorrow

To know you will never be alone again...even if it's dark, someone will always be there to hold your hand :)


د/دودى said...

نفسى فى ده و النبى...بتحصل لحظات قطعا زى دى لكنها عاده قصيره و عدوها الاول الناس

Rain said...

الله يهدّي بالك وتحسي بأحلى من هالشعور كمان