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Thursday, January 26, 2012
My new job as a content editor starts officially on Wednesday inshallah, to be honest I'm more scared than excited, not that the job is scaring me but I have reasons to worry about the attitude of my colleagues to be.. because I had such wonderful colleagues at my first job and made friends with most of them, but somehow the atmosphere does not feel very welcoming at the new one :(

Anyway I guess I'll keep my limits and just do my work, and who knows I might start my training at Jordan Times soon as well.

inshallah 5air ya rb
Good night


Saleh said...

Rain! approach each one as friendly as possible. Everybody has a good part in his/her heart. Build on top of that good bit. Smile and greet everybody even if they don't return that back. Don't let your initial presumption nor their "bad" behaviour drag you away from what you really are.

I feel myself like a preacher... LOL :-)).

Saleh said...

صحيح!... مبروك الشغل الجديد، و آسف إنه مش متبع معاكي ليش تركتي الشغل القديم، و إن شاء الله خير في كل الأحوال

Rain said...

صالح!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!زمان عنك والله عالم التدوين مش حلو من غيرك
كيف الحال انشالله تمام؟
اسفة مش عم أقدر أرد عالتعليقات مزبوط هاليومين
انشالله يا رب تتيسر مع انو خفّان عقلي شوي ههه
الله يبارك بعمرك يا رب
تركت شغلي لأنو مش عم يوقعوني سنوي مع انو الي 7 أشهر معهم
كنت بدوّر عاشي ثابت ومستقرّ
انشالله خير
ضل طلّ وطمنّا عنّك

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

eh! U r a rival! grrrrrrrrrrrrrr



easy does it ;D

Rain said...

LOOOL Haitham
7wleek sho'3ol ely? :(

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

This Wednesday is my last day at work :), me lookin too
الحال من بعضه :)