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Saturday, February 4, 2012
I know I don't get to say anything yet, I've only been in my job for a couple of days, but the truth is I'm sad :(
I miss my old job, my friends there..the comfort I felt :(

I hate that my work is kinda stupid here..movies and celebrities and such nonsense, at least in my old job I translated management, business and self development courses..I know the situation was totally unfair there and that I had to move on, but it feels so weird now, and everyone seems to hate each other in this new job o.O I dunno why

I hope it gets better :(


w7l said...

it will be better or it may not, nobody like to leave his comfort zone, no matter how bad it is ,your work condition may be like hell but when u get used to it you will miss it when you leave it , give it some time, you will get used to your new job, and if you dont you can try to find new job, cuz going back to your old job is not an option so you need to stop comparing it with your new job !

Um Ommar said...

مش إنتي تركتي شغلك القديم عشان عكس هالحكي
إنه كله صداقه وطق حنك وعلاك فاضي؟؟

الله يعينك,, كل تغير أوله مش مريح
يا بتتأقلمي,, يا بتدوريلك ع شي ودود متل ما بتحبي

Rain said...

Inshallah 5air

Um Omar
bil 3ax ana kont metraddedh atrok sho'3li mn ad ma 7abbait el nas hnak