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Friday, February 10, 2012

I'm just so sick of winter this year! I've never felt frustrated and depressed of it before, I've always adored rain, snow, clouds.., but this year I just want it to be over :( am I turning into a grumpy person? it's just that I hate driving in foggy weather, and I hate waking up in the morning and getting out from my warm bed, I'm always too lazy to take a shower...

I also hate that I have to warm up my car for some time before leaving, every time I wanna go somewhere I change my mind because it's too cold and it's not worth it..
I don't know maybe I'm just turning into one of those old grumpy employees who hate their jobs and who are frustrated from everything around them..

Or maybe I just miss the sunshine!

In the picture: the other day it was kinda warm and the poor almond tree was fooled and a tiny tender blossom was born, it was lovely, but didn't last long </3

Have a lovely evening everyone :)


EvaLuna said...

exactly my point

Rain said...