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Friday, February 10, 2012
Well since I haven't written my thoughts on a movie since forever...and since I'm bored and have nothing better to do than watch this movie...and also since my job is all about bad movies now, I decided to talk a little about this movie.

Well basically it's just a much-worse-less-funny-version of Bedazzled..though both could have been executed better. And while we're at it I thought Elizabeth Hurley was much more suitable for the role of Satan...I don't know she looks more devilish and subtle, Jennifer Love Hewitt's face is just too innocent.

Anyway, the dialogue is very poorly written, the acting is pretty bad..I mean the scene where the devil offers Jabez the deal was just BAD..no reactions..no excitement...everything just suddenly happened!

But then again I could not believe how bad ALL scenes were o.O I mean not one single good line or even a face expression! frankly, I could not believe Anthony Hopkins was in this movie..the excessive slow motion scenes, the way each scene faded away in a circle or a tiny square..it was just so dumb I couldn't believe people would pay to produce such crap..

Why did I even watch it? too bored I guess..I didn't even finish..oh well!


Doomish said...

I've watched several outstanding movies lately
The invention of lying
Coriolanus <- Modern day story, in Shakespearean words

Kon'nichiwa :)

Rain said...

7abait fekret the invention of lying! I'm so watching that!